Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Part II: Criminality, Ethics, & Christian Hypocrisy

As a follow up to my prior post on Christian criminality, I offer this first hand evidence of their hypocrisy and use of dogma to justify criminal acts. My apologies to those of my readers who are familiar with this account from its post in a message group of which I am co-manager.

Last November, in a Christian Debate chat room, a mind numbing Evangelical Fundie from Minnesota tells the room he's going turkey hunting with his son next morning. On a whim I did a search for Minn. hunting seasons. Guess what ... turkey season didn’t open until December 7.

So I ask this good Christian how is it that he's going to shoot game out of season? I mean, WWJS? Isn't it wrong to knowingly break the law, and worse, to teach his son it’s ok to ignore conservation laws? His reply was remarkable in its hypocrisy. I shall paraphrase:

"You're not a hunter, you wouldn't understand." [In fact, I hunt small game and have purchased a hunting license every year since I was 13 years old (except during my military service years). I push him again.]

"Why do you bring up Jesus, you're an atheist!!?? Maybe you should let Jesus in your life." [Undeterred by his attempt to obfuscate the issue I pressed on.] Finally he blurts this out:

"I've sinned many times in my life; been drunken, used drugs, committed adultery, and hunted out of season & exceed the limit. Jesus has always forgiven me. He'll forgive me again."

There it was! Even after having admitted premeditated intent to break the law; even while knowing he's setting a bad example for his son; even realizing that he has admitted to a room of people that he has no regard for conservation law, or respect for the preservation of game species, he can justify it because Jesus has always forgiven him and will again ... tomorrow.

This is what passes for Christian morality and ethics. Indeed, it’s a contributing factor to why Christians are more prone to criminal activity and represent a disproportionately higher population of prison inmates than atheists: they get a pass, a clean slate from their God, they just have to ask.

Yet I, an atheist, who acts in accordance with the law, shows respect for game by harvesting them only in season, who would no more teach my son to do otherwise than I would teach him how to steal a car... I am the "heathen" bereft of ethics and morals??

Gee, if only I had my own imaginary man-god to cleanse me of my crimes. Then I too could act like a mindless slob hunter and unethical law breaking scumbag with impunity. I guess being theist has its benefits.


AIGBusted said...

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DromedaryHump said...
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DromedaryHump said...

(repost of above...sans typos)

Thanks Ryan.

Nice site you have. Good and important stuff.
I tried to join your forum but it kept telling me "oops!" there was an error (with my email or password). I'll try again tomorrow.

It would be good if there was a way to subscribe to your site, so people could get email advisories whenever you update it.

JaaJoe said...

I must suggest Christians and Atheist to read this book "The End of Reason" by Dr. Ravi Zacharias. This book forces the reader's mind to do the critical thinking that is so lacking in Christianity today. It should also be considered required reading for the atheist who has never really looked at a logical argument for the existence of God, or the Christian who has never really critically analyzed his own faith. Check out more information on The End of Reason here

DromedaryHump said...

thanks for the suggestion.

I am familiar with Dr. Zacharius. Seems like a decent sort of chap. But his argument for religion / the existence of god more susinctly, doesn't provide proof, just rehashing of christian platitudes and faith. Thus, without proof in the form of the scientific method, his reliance on the fabled teachings, and embracing of the ancient religious meme, is really meaningless to me.

Harris is no god to me. He's just another atheist, albeit more vocal than most. He's a person who has rejected myth for reality, who doesn't feel a compulsion to pretend there is a supernatural world or beings, who has thrown off the repression of shamans and cults who's promulgation of a defunct belief system and rejection or logic renders them laughable and as relevant as alchemy is to chemestry, or astrology is to astronomy.

The very fact that Dr Z believes in absolute morality as necessarily coming from a moral law giver / supreme being is in itself deserved of my dismissal. There is no "absolute morality", as I would be happy to demonstrate.
Nor does it require a supernatural being to explain the evolution...yes, evolution... of morality, ethics, and law.

But thanks anyway.