Thursday, June 19, 2008

What’s More Christian Than a Good Old Fashion Book Burning?

… Well, to be honest, Jewish persecution, and the murder and subjugation of indigenous peoples is MORE Christian… but let’s not split hairs. Book burning is right up there when listing Christian proclivities toward institutionalized barbaric behavior.

Wiki lists fifty-nine of the most infamous book burning episodes in history. It goes back as early as the 3rd century BCE and as recently as May 2008. It lists acts of book burning in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, the Far East, virtually the entire world, or more succinctly, what we refer to as “the Civilized World”, by various cultures . While certainly not a complete list of every such event, it captures the most historically note worthy.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly twenty-three of these acts of book burning, almost 40%, were by Christians, both Catholics and Protestants. The subject matter of the volumes that drew their ire was diverse: science, philosophy, competing interpretations of Christian doctrine (AKA heretical texts), Jewish text, fiction, history, and various “black arts”.

The earliest of these burnings were more than ceremonial, they were intended to obliterate any competing information or position, whether factual or opinion, that was counter to the teachings of the established Christian hierarchy. It was meant to completely eradicate such thought so as to prevent it from becoming known and spread. For if knowledge became accessible to the masses; if dissenting thought becomes rooted; if people begin to question doctrine and mandated thought; then the powerbase of the Church becomes undermined, and its source of sustenance jeopardized, namely the masses.

Many volumes were lost to history, some survived. In a few notable cases, like Michael Servetus, 16th century physician and discoverer of the human circulatory system, the author was burned alive along with what was believed to be the last volume of his heretical work. Fortunately, three volumes of his dissertation against the non-Biblical doctrine of the Trinity, and for a purer and kinder flavor of Christianity survived. It only cost him his life, his thoughts live on in his book, and through Unitarianism.

While secular institutions and other religions are guilty of similar acts of intolerance and barbarism in their thirst to retain power and suppress free thought, not one institution, not one other religion, not one nation or political persuasion throughout history comes close to Christianity in pure volume of book burnings over such a sustained period of time. It continues to this day.

If prizes were awarded for suppressing ideas, attempting to control people's thoughts, keep people in ignorance, and destroying civilization’s most revered source of knowledge, Christianity would win hands down. Congratulations Christianity, we knew you had it in you


trog69 said...

Good morning, hump.

Engaged to Jebus. Do you mean like, they're becoming a nun, or just seriously whackadoodle "wanna get busy with" engaged? Either way, wow.

My father was in a bad car accident, and I was sent to live with a couple, both ordained ministers. In the year or so that I was in their home, at no time was anything forbidden for me to read, age-appropriate, of course. I cannot fathom how parents could retard their own children's growth, much less try and force others to your views.

I became a failed Christian Jedi; I just never became one with the force. Thank goodness.

DromedaryHump said...

trog, sorry about your dad. I trust he recovered.

Glad you weren't sucked into the mind meme of religiosity. It's rare, given the circumstances you describe, to escape unscathed.

Thanks for your input.

The christian fundie woman who posted her "engagement annoucnement" to jesus is a might unstable. It was her way of declaring her love for Jebus. The picture included her and the man-god of her masturbatory dreams. She was roundly denounced and abused by other fundies, so even they thought it was over the top.

There are alot of religious whackos out there.

trog69 said...

Pops lasted another 30 years.

As far as religion and I, I never had the full hard on for Jebus, so even with the two ministers, (who were actually kinda liberal for the late 60's, being from Kentucky and all.) I just watched; I was never sucked in. I guess I just was never able to shut off the thinking in the brain, and go with the gut fer god!