Saturday, August 23, 2008

On God and Little League

I’m watching the Little League World Series as I type this. Louisiana VS Hawaii, Louisiana is having their butts handed to them in the last inning, already having blown a four run lead. Hawaii has opened a can of whup-ass on them.

As the camera pans the bleachers I caught a glimpse of a man, the father of a Louisiana player based on his LSU cap, holding up a white board upon which, printed in block letters, is this:

“With GOD all things are POSSIBLE!!”

I ponder this for a moment. Even though I know that Louisiana is a hot bed of religious insanity I am taken aback. This is a LITTLE LEAGUE GAME, people!!!

What is this religious nut dad telling his kid exactly? That if he believes in God hard enough, that God will influence the game? That God will give him the hand eye coordination, inspire him to extra speed, bless him with the base running smarts to conquer his opposing twelve year old foes?

Is he telling his kid that God will favor his team, and help vanquish the presumably less devout / godless Hawaiians? Is he saying that God is tuned into the game and might give a shit about its outcome so pray to influence God’s support?

Is his guidance to focus on Jesus and just let “the force” guide him? Can it be he is saying that the coach’s strategy, the team work, and his own son’s skill are less or equally important to the outcome of the game as is divine intervention? That perhaps in spite of his son’s inadequacy or his teams lesser talent, not to worry…God is on your side?

It’s hard to know what goes through the mind of the religiously afflicted. The very fact that this dad needs to drag a deity into his kid’s ballgame is creepy enough for me.

Here’s the good news: Hawaii won it 7-5. Maybe the sign should have read:
"With GOD all things are POSSIBLE.. but don't hold yer freekin breath!"
Hawaii - 1
God - 0


OJ said...

Hawaii 1, God 0. Haha

Maybe Hawaii has a volcano spirit god that called in a favor with The Big G so his team would win :-)

DromedaryHump said...

I hear tell the Hawaiians sacrficed a virgin to that volcano god. Obviously they got it right.

I wonder if at the end of the game a Hawaiian dad held up a sign that said:
"Our god kicks your God's ass!!"