Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reflections on Wishing People Dead

Recently in my favorite message community, the group was taken to task by a Christian friend for having a “dead pool” and wishing fundamentalist right wing whacko “Rev.” John Hagee dead.

Now personally I don’t give a fiddler’s damn if my wishing that scumbag dead is considered in bad taste, or “not Christian”. The fact of the matter is there are genuinely bad people out there who have negative impact on the world and on society; people who have a significant degree of power / control /influence over other people. These people are happy to infect their gullible followers with their hate and ignorance, and rally them to act on it.

These are tyrants, who would gladly truncate our freedoms by declaring the US a theocracy; or by mandating that certain medical procedures be outlawed because they are counter to their religious delusion; or who would relegate those of different religion, or no religion, or alternate life style / sexual preference, to second class citizenship even declare them non citizens and revoke their rights entirely; throwbacks who would, and do, gleefully burn books; who would impede scientific and medical progress; and who very much want to install THEIR religion and backwardness into the public school curriculum and government.

Yes, I wish them dead. For if wishes could come true these things they want to instigate would be nullified; our nation and freedoms preserved; our intellectual advancement guaranteed.

But, so what? Wishing, much like hoping, praying, doing a rain dance, burning incense, or sacrificing a goat to some pagan god, doesn't affect things one way or another. If it did, Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Jeremiah Wright, Bin Laden, the remaining at large Bosnian Serb war criminals; every living Nazi in hiding; every Aryan Nation “Fuhrer”; every KKK Grand Wizard or Grand Dragon etc.; every serial child rapist who roams the street would be long deceased. I’ve wished them all a dirt nap.

Jerry Falwell was a long time wish recipient. As is inevitable, that wish finally came true. Hallelujah!!

If some consider my wish for the demise of these demagogues and leaches on humanity to be a horror, a crime, immoral, or indicative of inhuman degeneracy ... no problem. I can live comfortably with it; because a wish pales in comparison to the real acts, real influence and real intentions of those whom I wish to see rendered utterly and permanently inanimate.


Larro FCD said...

RAmen brother!

DromedaryHump said...

Heheh... I see you too have been touched by "His Noodley Appendage".

Tracey said...

Marinara! This looks vaguely familiar ;)


DromedaryHump said...

Yeah, can't put anything past you ;)
Like I said in the message group... too good a subject to pass up.