Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whores Pay Homage to the Religious Right!! A Fucking Disgrace!

They came hat in hand, groveling, paying homage to a religious icon; courting the flock he herds, professing their religiosity, their “family values”, and their piety.

On Saturday, August 16th, McCain and Obama were summoned before the Grand Inquisitor of the Evangelical mind slaves, Rick Warren, and stood before Him to assure Him and his pod people that they are seriously concerned about what women do with their uterus. They professed their horror of homosexual marriage; declared their love of a mythical man-god; quoted scripture, and all but stuffed their mealy-mouths with communion wafers and skinny dipped in the baptismal font.

This is what candidates for the leadership of the most powerful nation on the planet have come to. This is to what they have descended.

-While a useless war drags on for its fifth year and young kids die for a sand pit that is
destined to become a Muslim theocracy;
- while Afghanistan lapses back into turmoil as the Taliban surges;
- while our unemployment rate goes up, business declines, and jobs are exported;
- while our airlines are on the verge of collapse;
- while foreign business buy up iconic American corporations;
- while China’s economy grows at a rate of 10% annually, and the US’s at under 2%;
- while property values drop and home foreclosures reach record highs;
- while food, gasoline, and heating oil costs suck people dry;
- while we have 60% dependency on foreign oil, and invest in no new domestic sources;
- while our military is depleted and impotent to defend us in the event of a real threat;
- while our educational system lags behind virtually every industrialized nation’s;
- while our bridges / infrastructure rot;
- while our deficit hits a record $400+ billion;
- while our national debt reaches $9 TRILLION, the highest % of our GDP in 16 years;
- while the disparity between rich and middle class incomes becomes even wider;
- while health care costs rise annually beyond the reach of many;
- while Social Security is poised to self destruct in 9 years;
- while our unsecured borders permit millions of illegals to enter our country at will;
- while our Homeland Security technology has yet to reach needed levels;
- while the need for alternative energy screams for aggressive action and incentives;
- while our national prestige, influence and credibility evaporates;

like a couple of whores vying for a trick’s business, these two sycophants address the critically important elements in the minds of Evangelical Christians:
- will they allow humans with matching genitalia to marry each other?
- will they ensure control over women’s uteri? and,
- which one of them loves Jebus more?

All to placate and win the votes of religious zombies who still think a Giant Celestial Boogieman created the universe in six days!!

What next??.... a meeting with the UFOlogists, and alien abductees? With Young Earthers and Big Foot enthusiasts? Will they now kowtow to the Ken Ham Creationists and Intelligent Design whackos, the 911 Conspiracy Theorists neurotics, the “Elvis is alive and living in Phoenix” nuts, the “Moon Landing was a Fake” psychos, the Flat Earthers, and the Area 51 Conspiracy buffoons? They may as well, and promise them all that they understand their mental infirmities, and share their beliefs to one degree or another. Hell, after all, the Presidency is at stake.

This is what our political process has come to. This is where candidates focus their campaign. These are the issues upon which Americans decide the fate of their nation.

If the old canard “We get the government we deserve.” is true, bend over and kiss America’s ass goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Free speech or not, you're still a horrible, politically-incorrect, angry little anti-semite. You don't need to be a Christian to be offended by this drek.

Just 'cause I'm going to pray for you anyway doesn't make me a softie, nor does it mean that I'll put up with crap like this.

Go on. Think up some snippy anti-Christian justified by blind anger against others and deluded faith in atheistic/scientific philosophies. I Double-Dog Dare ya.

Oh, and by the way...


DromedaryHump said...

So, "anon", why are you so angry? Did your priest/minister molest you at some time? Were you beaten up by the class valedictorian in elementary school? Perhaps you were frightened by a secular book once?

Heheh.. Xtians, ya gotta love em. If it werent for Xtians we'd have to make fun of the mentally challenged.

DromedaryHump said...

PS: btw, albeit, I bet this is lost on you but: you're already putting up with this... you're reading it, and its getting you nuts.

Thanks for your participation.LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hump,

You gotta admit, your style can be somewhat obnoxious (and using profanity doesn't really help your arguments). But hey, it's your blog (obviously)!

I do get satisfaction from your insights and laugh with your put downs of the more stupid Christian commenters (haven't seen much in the way of other religions, although from Fighting Ignorance 1, some of Muslims and Wiccans are just as stupid if not more so then anonymous). Keep up the good work!

- Fastthums

DromedaryHump said...


Heheheh! Obnoxious is one of my more endearing qualties. I have worked long and hard to hone it to a fine edge.

As for profanity, I find our language rich and descriptive. Words considered by some profane have their place when used judiciously and for emphasis.

Besides, I would expect our theist friends to see profanity much like human genitalia: if god didn't want us to use the dirty things , he never would have invented them. ;)

Anyway, thanks, and thanks for being a reader. Your input is always appreciated.


OJ said...

I don't find you offensive at all, Hump :-)

It saddens me greatly to see Obama licking the feet of the fundies as if their toe lint was the water of life.

If I was a citizen and could vote, of course I'd pick a Democrat over a Republican for many policy reasons, but it's a shame that my only choice of Democrat is a man who wants to be buddies with the religious right, expand the faith-based initiative, etc.

DromedaryHump said...


Damn, you sure sound American to me. I just assumed living in PA you were a citizen. Canadian then?

Yeah..i wish obama were above this, but I think we tend to give politicians too much credit for intellectual honesty. They rarely deserve it.

Tracey said...

No fair, Hump. You always beat me to the punch on the good stuff. The way they are whoring themselves for the fundy vote kinda hurts my self-esteem. I guess they view the atheist vote like the fat, smelly, pimply, farty weirdo trick...they'll do it but they don't want anyone to know about it.

Had to chuckle at anonymous#1's "anti-semite" comment. Whatta dunce.


DromedaryHump said...

Oreo said: "... farty weirdo trick...they'll do it but they don't want anyone to know about it."

Hahah...I guess so!! And they won't cross the street to proposition us either :)