Thursday, January 15, 2009

Waterboarding, Hypocrisy and Theism: Another Trinity (but this one is real)

I was listening to the confirmation hearing of Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder on NPR today. I have a few bones to pick with him related to his Bill Clinton days, but all and all he’s qualified for the job and will be confirmed.

But the big headline that came out of today’s hearing is Holder stated that Waterboarding is torture. Like that is some kind of revelation. Anyone who knows how Waterboarding is conducted, what it does, would recognize it as torture. The US even prosecuted Japanese military officers for using the technique on American POWs in WWII. They were hung as war criminals. Waterboarding was inflicted on heretics during the Inquisition.

So who claims it’s not torture? What kind of disingenuous, completely ignorant, or self deceiving, hypocritical jerk would believe it NOT to be torture? GW Bush , self proclaimed Born Again Christian; Dick Cheney, Methodist; Donald Rumsfeld, disgraced Secy. Of Defense under Bush, Presbyterian; John Ashcroft, disgraced Attorney General under Bush, Assembly of God - Born Again Christian; Alberto Gonzalez, disgraced Attorney Gen. under Bush, Catholic.

Oh hell, the list is endless! Just about every right wing, evangelical, Jesus loving, God fearing Christian in congress, on a radio talk show, or behind the televangical pulpit denies waterboarding is torture. Yet, I do not know of ONE atheist who is familiar with the technique who denies waterboarding is torture.

But how can this be?? The evidence is overwhelming; the precedence of WWII prosecutions is glaring; the fact that it is inflicted only on those from whom we wish to extract information is telling. If anyone has any doubt and wanted empirical evidence one way or another, all they’d have to do is submit themselves to waterboarding and within a minute they’d have a first hand confirmation.

What am I getting at? This:
1) Evidence and fact mean nothing to fanatical theists. Once they “believe” something evidence and facts are deceptions to be ignored and denied.

2) Christians seem to have a proclivity for torture. Perhaps a trait stemming from the Inquisitions and witch trials. A God given right it would seem.

3) Fanatical Christians are hypocrites, recognizing torture only when Christians are the victims. It’s never torture when they administer it, when it suits their agenda.

4) Christian torture deniers shun the Scientific Method, thus would never voluntarily submit themselves to the test … believing a lie is enough.

5) The much vaunted “higher ethics and morality” of Christians is a bald faced lie.


The Intellectual Redneck said...

Al Qaeda gets the plague-40 dead

We always knew Al Qaeda was a plague. Now they appear to have the plague and it may not be an accident.

DromedaryHump said...

Hi Red, thanks for the comment.

Not sure what it has to do with the subject thread, but I visited your blog and posted a reply relative to your perpective on torture.

BTW, the initial reports of it being attributed to bubonic plague seem to have been dismissed by the intelligence community as premature hype by the UK media. But whatever it was we need to make our defenses strong to prevent nuclear or biologic weapons from being used here.

I always wondered how much more secure we could have made our own borders, ports of entry, and infrastructure (water supply, energy supply, computer systems) if we hadn't pissed away so much money fucking with Iraq for no reason other than Bush's misguided obsession.


Angel said...

GREAT post!!

Coincidentally, the word verification for this comment was "satanex" lol

Literalist Christians have always had an excuse for torture. 'cause the byble told them so.

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