Friday, May 8, 2009

Hump Defends a Christian Fundie !!!????

The internet, and the media has been roundly piling on that moronic, fake boobed, fundie fanatic homophobe Miss California. It’s a veritable feeding frenzy. I have two positions that may appear at odds with each other:


“Whats this???” you say, “Hump defending a fanatical religionist homophobic twit, how is this possible?” Well, it comes down to a matter of fairness.

Let’s be realistic -- this was a freekin beauty pageant! It's only rasison d'etre is to feed men's and Rosie O'Donnell's masturbatory fantasies. The kind of questions they have typically asked these silicon enhanced Barbie dolls usually revolve around world peace, saving children, feeding the poor, or what their favorite color is. Instead, Miss California was presented with a stacked deck.

She never should have been asked that question on gay marriage. It was asked by a homosexual judge who had an axe to grind and very likely knew her position before he asked it. Even if he didn’t, the fact that he asked it and got an answer he didn’t like, and that is counter to what most enlightened people believe, is no grounds for her demonization.

If she hadn’t clearly been lambasted and piled on for her conservative perspective, honestly answered, then it’s likely she would have won the pageant, and never would have taken to the anti-gay / religious testimony campaign trail that she’s on. The monster that created her post pageant activism was a pageant official with an agenda, and political correctness run amok.
The fact that four or five year old nude pictures were suddenly dredged up makes it appear as just another attempt to get back at her for her anti-gay position.

Lets look at this another way; if a candidate were asked about her “spiritual” perspective, and she answered she was an atheist, where do you think that would lead? And after she was discarded as an unacceptable Miss America, if she went on the campaign trail and aired her opposition to religion and its hypocrisy, how many Christian blogs, organizations, and media sources would be pointing and saying “See … she’s a hater, just like all atheists, she didn’t deserve to win, lets go find more dirt to discredit her with.”

If a contestant is asked a question that has two possible answers, and ONE of those answers will cause her to be negatively viewed / demonized / disqualified even though it’s answered truthfully, then that question is not a valid challenge… it’s a set up.

It’s tantamount to the “God gives Free Will” nonsense that Christians argue: "Sure," they say, "you have free will to believe in God or not, but if you decide NOT, then you burn in hell for eternity." What The Funk kind of “free will” option is that?!?

Now, I have no sympathy for her religious idiocy, or her stunted troglodyte-like social position. But I know a lynching when I see one. I for one won’t participate in it. To do so would be too Christian.


Makarios said...

You think she's a Christian Fundamentalist? How do you define that, exactly? Someone who says things you don't like?

DromedaryHump said...

Well Makarios,

I don't define that. Making up definitions is the trait of theists. Christian Fundamentalism is defined for us.

A person who is a Christian Fundamentalist ".. actively affirms a fundamental set of Christian beliefs: the inerrancy of the Bible, Sola Scriptura, the virgin birth of Christ, the doctrine of substitutionary atonement, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and the imminent personal return of Jesus Christ."

Now, here's a thought...why don't you ask her if she embraces that doctrine. Everything she has said publicly about her faith so far says she does. Thus, she is a Fundamentalist.

And since when do Christians see the fundamentalist perspective as a pejorative term?? Pat Robertson doesn't, Falwell didn't, Ted Haggard identified himself with it... lots of Evangelicals do.

Or are you ignorant of that fact?

No, I call someone who says something I don't like a "douchebag." That many douchbags are Christians and Fundamentalists is an unfortunate fact.


feeno said...


That's probably the best take I've heard on this subject. We'd all be better off if they would have just let you report this on our evening news.

But I actually think the girls answer kinda shocked him. He looked horrified? I imagine that's how his poor dad looked all the next day at work?

I left a message for you, over at Makarios site. Peace out, feeno

DromedaryHump said...

Thanks ;)


The Prime Minister of Keepin' it Real said...

I agree, the question shouldn't have been asked(a beauty pageant isn't exactly a proper place to discuss politics)and she answered respectfully. I do think, however, that comments like these give us the opportunity to discuss homosexuality and religion, and we should take advantage of that.

Heather said...

The judges could pick questions from a pre determined and approved list. The gay judge didn't just up and decide to pick on poor miss brain-dead for no reason. All of the contestants were asked questions from this list. I don't think it was unfair nor do I think it was irrelevent to the image that this pageant is supposed to broadcast. Perhaps things would have been better if the question had been off the list altogether.. but it wasn't and thus was fair game. The other side of it is that many of those vapid barbies probably would have given similar answers.. she was just unlucky enough to draw the short straw.

Dromedary Hump said...

ok, fair enough.

I still think that a politically charged question, where one valid position is likely to cause a negative response by some percentage of the judges, is inappropriate. Its just inappropriate. I think we can agree on that.

Frankly, this contest is 99% about T&A. To try to infuse some socially conscious, or political agenda to it is bullshit. We aren't electing a President.... they were selecting a manniquin.
If these women had genuine intellect they wouldn't need to enlarge their breasts and enter a beauty contest to begin with.

Thanks for your comment.