Saturday, May 2, 2009

NH’s Gay Marriage Law Drives the Religious Ape Shit

Last week, the New Hampshire State Senate approved by a narrow margin a bill which would permit homosexual marriage in the state, following Massachusetts’ and Vermont’s lead. Our governor, a moderate Democrat, has said he believes marriage should be strictly between a man and a woman, but has not determined if he would veto the bill or approve it.

Mrs. Hump and I wrote Governor Lynch to express our support for the law. We reminded him that ten years from now, when gay marriage is the norm across the country, that his opposition to the law will be analogous to the religious fanatics and hate mongers who opposed inter-racial marriage and made it illegal in some states not so very long ago; politicians who today are roundly deplored and held up as examples of the worst kind of Americans. I’m betting he’ll sign the law.

What prompted us to write the governor was a story in The Baptist Press that called upon the faithful from across the country to phone the NH governor’s office encouraging him to veto the law. I hate it when religious nuts from outside NH try and meddle in NH affairs. Here’s the whole story:

Naturally, they invoked scripture as their justification for opposition, while pledging they held no homophobic or intolerant feelings toward gays (as though there is some difference between their religion’s support of homophobia / subjugation of human rights and their own.) Churches across the country are in a veritable frenzy over New England’s shift toward gay marriage acceptance.

Anyway, along with emailing the governor’s office, I dropped the good Christian’s at Baptist Press a thank you note for raising my awareness. Here it is:

Dear Baptist Press,

If we hadn't read your story, my wife and I wouldn't have realized there was an organized attempt by people outside of NH to try and influence our Governor to veto the Gay Marriage Bill. Now that we know this, we have been moved to contact Gov. Lynch and implore him to support equal rights and recognition of all humans and sign the bill.

It wasn't long ago that religious fanatics and racist government officials forbade inter-racial marriage. Most of us look back on those days as an embarrassment, indicative of the worse kind of ignorance and hate. The scripture was misused back then too, to suborn those hateful laws.

It doesn't surprise us that Baptists were at the forefront of that effort as well. Religious fanaticism often breeds hate, intolerance, and false claims of higher morality. The first President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, Furman, proved that when he invoked scripture to justify slavery in the 19th century. I’m sure you are proud.

Our guess is life will go on long after homosexuals marry, and religionists have been reduced to the irrelevance they so justly deserve.

Yours truly,

[real names]
[real address], NH


Joyce said...

There are many laws on the book that contridict my faith and belief in the Bible, but the fact of the matter is, we aren't talking about my faith (or anyone else's). We're talking about equality for all men and women in USA, a right covered under the Constitution.

Intergration, women voting, freedom from slavery, interracial marriages -- all of these were once illegal and oh so very unconstitutional.

While I won't go out of my way to support it (through contacting my government officials) nor will I oppose it.

I am not the morality police and as an American I have to support equality for all people.

It's what our country is about. It's not about the Bible. It's about all men (and women) being equal, as our constitution states.

DromedaryHump said...

Thanks Joyce,
like I always (and your church) are the kind of Christians I can live with.

I was thinking this morning about the religious fanatics who would deny two people the happines that comes from affirming their love and desire to live together as a couple. While their scripture prohibits it, why the heck do they feel the need to force THEIR scripture and interpretation of "family values" (whatever that means) on everyone else? Why can't they just agree NOT to be gay ;) or not to marry if they are?

What possible impact to YOUR marriage, MY marriage, my son's marriage, his childrens' marriages, etc have by giving people the chance to be happy?

Sorry religious fanatics who would impose their phi;osophy on everyone... I reject your scripture's interpretation of morality, and your sanctamonious perspective of what is good and bad, vile and virtuous, loathsome and loving.

I feel the same way about gay marriage as Thomas Jefferson did about what religion people chose or do not choose: "It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket."

Live and Let live I say...and those who are without sin should send the first protest letter.


Angel said...

But don't you realize that if it's made legal then you'll be giving PERMISSION to all those young and impressionable youngsters to be gay!?? Don't you know how horrible that would be??

You'll be condemning all these young people to hell when you could have DONE something to stop it. You know, like sending them to special camps to teach them how to be hetero while torturing their body and mind into thinking that it's wrong to be happy.

*please note my sarcasm*