Monday, June 1, 2009

Haven't we had ENOUGH of their "Christian Love"?

Yesterday a respected OBGYN was murdered by an anti-abortionist religious fanatic demonstrating that famous Christian love. Dr. Tiller was in his Kansas church, volunteering as an usher, when he was killed.

While the act is being publicly condemned by religious anti-abortion organizations whose history is rife with incitement to kill abortion providers, secretly, they revel in the news. Indeed, there are postings all over the internet by good loving Christians openly applauding the murder, and wishing he’d died a more horrible and slow death.

No doubt there will be those self appointed arbiters of who is and isn’t a Christian who will pronouce the murderer and those who celebrate his act as "not TRUE Christians". How very convenient, how predictable, how self serving. To them I say “go fuck yourself.”

Hardly a day goes by where the media doesn’t report a minister, priest, deacon, Christian youth counselor, etc., molesting a child here or abroad, and the church covering it up or down playing it.

Hardly a week passes where we don’t hear of a Christian parent letting their child die of a treatable disease, or evading court order for treatment, because they preferred to trust in God to heal the child.

Hardly a month expires when we don’t hear of anti-Semitic scrawling on synagogues, or the destruction of Jewish cemeteries somewhere in this country or Europe; or Evangelical soldiers and Chaplains aggressively proselytizing Muslims in war zones against standing orders, or harassing & threatening non-Christian servicemen in their proselytizing zeal.

Then there’s the anti-gay marriage crusade of those loving Christian activists whose lives and freedoms and marriages are somehow mysteriously and inexplicably diminished by the state’s recognition of the union of two loving humans with matching genitalia.

And who can forget the inspiring words of the Pope who barely two months ago, against all medical scientific reality, stupidly blamed the use of condoms for spreading the AIDs virus in Africa; using his influence among the ignorant to further the spread of the disease to the most devastated continent on the planet?

Jesus H. Fucking Christ!! Didn’t we have ENOUGH of their hideous “Christian love” during the Dark and Middle Ages to last us forever? Evidently not.


Krutches to R12 said...

Seriously? You think the popular pro life groups have suggested killing abortionist? Never once seen or heard that via focus on the family or from the national right to life group.

The vast majority of christians are condeming this act and we know full well that this wasn't justice but ONE PERSONS VENGANCE. I am saddened and am in prayer for his family. You know where I stand on the after indeed I tremble that he like it or not was thrust into eternity.

You and a few other atheist I follow love to report christians who abuse their children, members etc. Rightly so but you know it goes against the moral code...the Bible we follow. Those are exceptions to and not the rule. Go's to show mankind will use whatever means to produce darkness...sadly some have used the guise of christianity. Others have used atheistic philosophys. ( read the black book of communism)

How you include "gay marriage" in this blog I don't know. No one is stopping two members of the same sex from being together. Christians and secular conservatives are just standing up for what marriage is. Its the progressive crew thats trying to redefine it. On another note many states are adopting pro gay laws ( sadly), that's there right. As a Kansan myself I was glad that my state stood up for traditional marriage in 2004 71 - 29% by vote of the people.

I don't think you can compare the modern day church to the dark ages. Charimatic,evangelical, emerging, or catholic.

Dromedary Hump said...

Krutches said:
"Seriously? You think the popular pro life groups have suggested killing abortionist? Never once seen or heard that via focus on the family or from the national right to life group."

You listed two organizations.
I note you left out The Army of God. Here, see what they have to say about Dr. Tiller's murder.

And they aren't the only group that suborns the murder of OBGYNs.
Do more research. These folks are as Christian as you are.

And its not "one person's vengence", any mor than Islamic terrorism is one person's vengence. Its a mindset that they believe is endorsed by their scripture.

Now..pleae give me the name of an atheist organization that suborns murder...of anyone. And spare me the communist bloc bullshit. I'm an American, so are these good Christian murderers.

Krutches said:
"You and a few other atheist I follow love to report christians who abuse their children, members etc. Rightly so but you know it goes against the moral code...the Bible we follow."

Oh yes..we LOVE to report on murder, child abuse, intolerance. Its what we live for. Damnit Kryutches, I report what the media reports. I guess the media should not report on mothers who let theoir kids die of curable diseases, because Jesus will heal them. I guess the media should ignore women who kill their kids to save them from Satan. I guess the media should be silent on the Pope's irrational condemnation of condoms in Africa. I guess the media shouldn't report on Cristian groupos that blame gays for hurricane disasters and the 911 attack (pat robertson, jerry falwell..incase you don't read the news.). Maybe the media should put a ban pon reporting the thousands of child molestations by good chrisian ministers and priests.

Oh yes.. blame the messenger..LOL. Its us damn atheists that keep dreging this stuff up. If only we wouldn't mentioin it it would all go away.

Tell me Krutches, did you oppose inter racial marriage 35 years ago? werent old ebough or born then. But your good Christian brethern opposed it as being against God's plan. And now, the people who are ashamed, who are condemned, arent the inter racial coples..its the Christians who used scripture to prevent loving couples from marrying.

What amage did that do to the planet? What imposition does it have on "Christian family values". What possiboe difference did it make to our civilization, our freedpoms, our way of life, pour pursuit o9f happiness...that black men and white women could marry?

The answer is NONE.

Now ask yourself the question; why do you ooppose letting two people who love eachother marrry? Whatsthe impact on YOU? Whats the oipact on your life, your freedom, your pursuit of happiness? Why must your own personal prejudices stand i8n the way of two people having the same rights and priviledges as YOU? How are you hurt?

The anwers is.. youre NOT!. But your freakish and intolerant, and backward, and unchanging adherence to ancient "abominations" mforces you to impose YOUR beliefs on others, nevermind that you yourself are uneffected. That, my friend, is the opposite of "love" . Its prejudice, hatred, intolerance, and arbitrary truncating of individual rights.

No one is asking you to marry a guy. No one is asking you to officiate at a gay marriage. No one is asking you to attend a gay wedding, or give a toast to the couple. No one is asking you to do anything except leave people alone.

And yet you can't. You are compelled to force your belief , your "sin" dogma on everyone.

Sorry Krutches, but standing in the way of other peoples happiness and freedoms, and equal civil rights isn't love. Thats the opposite of love.


Dromedary Hump said...


As for definitions changing..I have bad news for you: the english language has been changing for 100's of years.

You keep using the word "gay" for homosexual. 50 years ago gay only meant "happy". Yet youve accepted the change. Marriage ten years from now will mean wedded union of two humans..irrespective of their sexual preference. You'll either get used to it, or simply be looked at like we look at those loving Christians who opposed interracial marriage not so long ago.

Yes.. be proud of Kansas... a state that stands in the way of something that impacts you and your children not one iota. Of course, if your kid grows up to be gay, and says he wants to get married, you'll have a decision to make. Either attend the wedding and love your kid unconditionally and be happy for his/her happiness ... or shun them, condemn them, and reject their desire for a life of love and onesess.

One of those things is love.
One of those things Jesus would have endorsed.
You'll have to decide which.

As for comparing the modernday churches to the dark/middle age churches ..there are as many comparisons as there are opposites.
One simply needs to see them in historical perspective. My guess is you're preference is to intentionally avoid those perspectives, or you havn't been educated on them. I've posted too many times on those similarities to repeat them in this comment forum.

Thanks for your comment.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Hump,
Spot on Posting. Good Christian killing someone they disagreed with. I have a good posting where I put up a religious right rant e-mail and my counter points. I think you will like it.

Dromedary Hump said...

oH, KRUTCHES... about dr. tiller burning for eternity in your make believe hell...

you mean he'll be alongside of Ghandi? and Anne Frank? and Thomas Jefferson? and Jonas Salk? Albert Einstein? Bill Gates?
and all the millions of innocents and peace makers, and greats who werent Christians, and who your obscene doctrine of "christians only" profess are damned?

LOL... Hey, Lemme know how things are in your Heaven Candy Land... along side all those professed Jesus lovers who killed Jews, slaughtered innocents, burned & tortured witches and heretics, waged war for Christ, forced conversions, destroyed indigenous peoiple for Jesus, and molested children for the past 1800 years.

You know... the TRUE Christians.

HoleyHands said...

Let's see what these loving, fundie chri$tians are all A-Twitter about!!!

Dromedary Hump said...

HH, yep!!

Now you see, Krutches will say all those hiddeous comments celebrating the murder of Dr. Tiller, and praisng the Lord and the murderer aren't TRUE Christians.

Plus...he'll tell us that we are focusing on these "not true Christians" unfairly.

I'd bet dollars to donuts there isn't a right wing Christian who didn't smile when they heard of the murder. But their phoney hypocrisy prevents them from just saying so. At least those twitter comments reflect their true feelings of hate and happiness, at least they aren't hypocrites.


No Guy in the Sky said...

Hump - Great post always. I am still so angry over him being killed. I love the fact, they are distancing them from him. Christians are saying, "Oh he wasn't a true Christian."

He was a TRUE CHRISTIAN! He read the bible, and was exactly as intolerant as the bible. He dealt with problems, just like his God. Commit murder. Now while the fucker awaits trial, he will ask and be saved. What a joke. Christians have no morals.

Tracey said...

Typical fundy logic - let's go kill someone because we're for life. I'm sure Fred Phelps and his inbreeds are planning a protest party for the funeral. Some members of our society still live in the dark ages and would like their version of skydaddy to be the law of the land.

Tracey said...

Yep, true to form:

Dromedary Hump said...

No Guy, Tracy...

Yep, they are very predictable.
That murderer will eventually be in their candy-land heaven with all the good loving Christians of the crusades, inquisition, and Third Reich.

I bet Fred Phelps had an errection when he heard of the murder.

I actually saw a christian blogger say that even atheists disclaim bad behaving atheists as "not true atheists". I tried to correct him, confirming that Stalin and Mao were indeed atheists, eventhough they were murderous scum. That not believing in god/s makes one an atheist whether they are ethical and moral or murdering low lives.

But as is true to their nature, they just ignored my refusal to disclaim the "not true atheist" nonsense. they just moved on.

Phoney's or morons... or both.


No Guy in the Sky said...

My vote is moron! It is always hard to argue with stupid.

Dromedary Hump said...

Krutches: NEWS FLASH...

The murderer of Dr. Tillman had
Cheryl Sullenger's phone number in his wallet when he was arrested.

Now, I don't expect you to know who that is... so here is a wiki extract:

"Cheryl Sullenger is a pro-life activist. In 1988 she was arrested for and confessed to a conspiricy to bomb the Alvarado Medical Center abortion clinic. She was sentenced to two and a half years and was released after serving two of those years. Having since renounced violance, she now works as a Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue and serves on the Central Committee of the 75th District of the San Diego Republican Party."

Te operative words are "Senior Policy Advisor for Operation rescue" and guilty of conspiracy to bomb abortion clinc. Hmmm. interesti g combination of attributes, no?

Now, I don't believe in simple guilt by association, but I find the link between the murderer and operation rescues' highly placed ex-con advisor interesting...don't you?


red spider said...

So much for this non-sense post!!!i'm hoping all of us can find christian love

No Guy in the Sky said...

Spider why waste our time with idiots@christstempleofstupid. We can go to or

Dromedary Hump said...

Mmmm. thanks for the link! In deed one can find Christian Love at that site. Hell, I fell in love with about a dozen of those babes.

Oh, wait... its Lust.
Close enough.


Lauren said...

seriously, dude. if it isn't love, then it isn't christian love. you need to recognize the difference between love and hate. it's not love, it's hate that they're spewing. it wasn't meant to be the way it is now.

Dromedary Hump said...

Lauren said;
"if it isn't love, then it isn't christian love."

Lauren...dudette, how very fuckin convenient.

And lets see... if the Christian isn't up to YOUR standards, or the standards of YOUR sect, then he/she isnt a true Christian, right?

Christian love "that they're spewing", has been spewed since the 3rd century. Its not a recent ocurance. Do some research (I know it's not a christian thing to do, but try it).
- See what happened between the varying sects of early 1st-4th century christians.
- See how those who contested the majority perspective of the Church at the councel of nicea (325 CE) were treated.
- Understand how the Jews got the blame from Paul instead of the Romans that Paul sought to recruit leading to 1700 years of anti-Semetism. Heck, you Christian redneck fundie Texans are famous for your Christian love of the Jews. Youve been lovin em to exclusion and death for years.

Please Lauren... murder, abuse, torture intolerance, exclusionism, is exactly what christian love is about , it has been for 1800 years.

Oh..but not you. Youre probably one of the TRUE Christians, if you say so yourelf.

Best regards,

Angel said...

*shakes head*

Your post reminds me all too well of my old job in banking. I swear that every damn time a customer called in who had a verbal password on their account of: God, Love, Blessings, Jesus, Jesus Loves Me, Jehovah, Heaven, Manna, Christ, Christ Lives, or names of any of the books of the Old or New Testament.... I was going to have the fight to end all fights on my hands. They were always the biggest assholes I had to talk to all day.

Want to piss off a banker? List your religious preferences in your verbal password or security question. Go on, I dare you. You have a higher chance of being either hung up on or receiving NO as an answer for why you're NOT getting your twenty overdraft fees back.

Don't call your bank acting all holier-than-thou. Business does not mix with religion and we don't give a shit what denomination you belong to. If you're a Christian then grow up and kindly obey your religions tenets: take care of your finances and don't cry a bucket full of crocodile tears when you don't get your way.

Ok. I feel better. Thanks for letting me rant about my old job, Hump. Just had to get that off my chest. Worked there for over five years and... was very glad I left when I did.

Oh yeah. PS. Murder is bad, mkay?