Friday, June 5, 2009


... how many African's lives, men women and children, would have been spared the ravages of AIDS, had this imbecilic Nazi shaman's father used a condom?

... how does ignoring medical science and condemning people to death through ignorant statements translate to "Christian Love"?

... how do theists reconcile the massive number of deaths that will result from this mindlessness, with the comparative few abortions Dr. Tiller conducted? And will some loving Christian fanatic thus be driven to violence against the pope and the Vatican as a result?

Probably not. The scope of this witch doctor's carnage is lost on them. Besides, as the leader of the church these deaths are done in Christ's name. It's all good.

Ask Pope Urban II (1st Crusades), Pope Innocent III (Spanish Inquisition), Pope Pius XII (Hitler's enabler for the Jewish "final solution") among so many other death dealers for Jesus down through history.

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HoleyHands said...

Catholic's at work...

"If you can imagine what we are battling with in terms of getting messages across - I have some issues with ABC (abstinence, be-faithful, condom).  Personally I'd go with condom, condom, condom and let people choose their own ideals - but I can work with this. Now even within that area I can show you the picture above. This is proudly on display at a local Catholic church.  And people believe this stuff. Recently the Pope decided to pay this country a visit and told everyone that condoms were making the problem worse."