Monday, February 8, 2010

Political Correctness can kiss my godless ass.

You may have read last week that in New York a 6 year old boy was suspended for bringing "a gun" to school. It was two inches of injection molded plastic shaped like a space gun. It was the toy gun of his toy Lego figure!

About the same time a big brouhaha erupted when White House Chief of Staff
Rahm Emanuel used the word “retarded” to describe some members of his own party. Evidently the word is taboo. We now have a perfectly good “R” word that no one is allowed to utter lest they horrify the sensibilities of the PC police. It’s become the “N” word for the “mentally challenged” or “special needs children,” or whatever the proper term is these days.

Both of these insane tempests in a tea pot are the result of Political Correctness run amok. It reminded me of when I was taken to task for typing the word “Xtian,” short for Christian, on an internet message group. This fundie was deeply offended and went into a rant. Was I afraid to type the name of the Lord and Savior? Did I have so little respect for God that I abbreviated His name? How dare I defile the one true religion and insult its faithful adherents?

Never missing an opportunity to educate the undereducated I explained that the term “Xtian” is based on the Greek word “Christos” which starts with the letter Chi which is written with the letter X. The abbreviation "Xtian" goes back to the 16th century, and was common usage. I also confirmed that while I had no respect for his Imaginary Friend, had as much fear of it as I have for a Stephen King villian, and could care less about defiling his religion or belittling his fellow religionists -- the use of Xtian is not in and of itself an insult. In keeping with my characteristic modus operandi I believe I ended the lesson with the phrase “You witless fundie Xtian retard!” I feel badly about that now. In the future I will refine it, bring it up to code, by replacing the term “retard” with “special needs person,” although it loses something in the translation.

Religionists have no compunctions about using less than flatering epithets when referring to atheists. “Godless,” “heathen,” “the irreligious,” “hell bound non-believer,” and “fool” (from the scriptural verse that says those who say there is no god are fools) are among the most popular. Evidently Xtians don’t feel any pressure to be PC (Properly Christ-like) where atheists are concerned; not that I give a fiddler’s damn. For just as African-Americans may casually refer to their friends by using (Oy!… I have to do this eh?? Ok… ) “the N word,” I occasionally refer to my fellow atheists as “godless hell bound heathens.” It’s a term of endearment, and the highest compliment I can pay a freethinker.

As hard as it may be to believe, I can be induced to throw out derogatory terms for the most religiously afflicted Xtians. I endeavor to use them only on those occasions where decorum and good taste have been suspended having outlived their usefulness. They include but are not limited to: Bible Banger, Bible Thumper, Holy Roller, Papist, Popeblower, Bead Mumbler, Mind Slave, Mindless Medieval Peasant, Dead Jew Worshipper, Death Cultist, and Kool-Aide-Sipping-Blood-Imbibing-Flesh-Devouring-Polytheist-Throwback.

For the followers of the notorious 6th century warlord prophet and pedophile, the nomenclature becomes substantially more vivid, conjuring up visions of sand simians, dune jockeys, and head gear that would be equally useful for wiping up camel vomit. When it comes to the religiously deluded let no one say I’m not an equal opportunity non-PCist


NewEnglandBob said...

It doesn't bother me at all if you use those 'handles' for the religious, but this is one atheist baby-munching, heathenish, blasphemer, pinko, homo, commie, socialist Christ-killing who wont participate. :)

Dromedary Hump said...



Wrinkles said...

Until this point, I have always loved to use the word 'retard' as a noun to describe the actions of a person. I used to use the word 'gay' as a way to describe the actions of a person. At that time I made a commitment not to use the word 'gay' that way anymore as it demeans gay people. I can see here right now that I will have to make the same commitment to not using the word 'retard' in this manner... it's rude and demeaning. I don't view it as PC thing now.... just minding the P's and Q's.

Reverend said...

To me it's a little like the good religious folks I have as friends who frequently use the words "oh SHOOT" or "oh CRAP", when they really mean to say "awww SHIT".

They MEAN the same thing as I do, but they substitute the word.

To me it's just a thought-crime. They think the same thing, they have the same intent, thus it should be equally "bad" to say whatever they elect to say in place of the proper invective.


I don't particularly care for people who take a word THEY don't like and have to PC it out of usage. We'll just end up using another word.

Dannette said...

Political correctness is retarded.

Popeblower? snort.

Joyce said...

Ah, I love you, you old son of a monkey. *smooch*

Dromedary Hump said...

I understand where you are coming from. But I remember when "crippled" became obsolete and replaced by "handicapped." Now handicapped is not PC, it's "physically challenged."
Soon fat will be perceived as demeaning and we'll be pressured to say "gravitationally challenged." Short people will demand to be called "vertically challenged," and bald people "folically challenged."
Where does it stop?

You know I love you back. But this son of a monkey thing is just plain un-PC

From now I demand to be referred to as a "that godlessly challenged-simianly descended-folically well endowed- fully ambulatory- Atheist-American- Caucazoid."

And Jebus/Gawd help anyone who forgets. :)

Dromedary Hump said...

PS: I understand that the epithet
"retard" towards a fully functioning yet genuinly vapid person has now been officially replaced by the more PC "fucktard" and/or "asshat"

Joyce said...

"... that godlessly challenged-simianly descended-folically well endowed- fully ambulatory- Atheist-American- Caucazoid."

Hahahahaha! Oh, man, I almost fell off my chair laughing. I'm going to remember that -- and USE it! :)

Contents under pressue said...

Personally, I prefer to be polite and concise when the religious person I'm talking to is also being polite and reasonable.

I only bare my fangs and become un-PC when the one I'm arguing with has proven themselves to be utterly bigoted and stupid.

I do this because obliterating them with a combination of insults, witty remarks, and hard facts may be fun, but it really saps my energy :P

Mia said...

Whilst I am against the homogenisation of society and think P.C. will, if left unchecked, become responsible for us being unable to appreciate the unique beauty in us all. I have to take exception with the word retard. Like most labels given enough time, it will accumulate a lot of negativity e.g The 'N' word that was used for Black people during times when they were considered 'second class', oppressed. Equivalent negative connotations apply to the word retard. I work with people with learning disabilities and it is usually the one offensive name that will shut them up, make them lower their heads, and concede the fight, it's a shame, but that's the effect it has. I agree with almost everything else I have seen you write. Nothing wrong with a little diplomacy now and then though. It shouldn't be so much about how the speaker feels about the word, but about how the 'labeled' feel. Do innocent people who do have learning difficulties deserve to have their 'label' banded about for the intention of humiliation, personally, I don't think so, it feels crass and cruel.

Mia said...

May I just add to my previous comment: Fucktard is far more appropriate and succinct. :-)

NewEnglandBob said...

I also use 'fucktard'.

The problem with using retard is that it really does NOT describe the aberrant behavior of the person it is directed to. Most people I have met who are genuinely retarded are sweet and/or helpless people who one feels warm towards and saddened about.

On the other hand, the fucktards are often willfully malicious and out for an advantage for themselves at the expense and pain of others.

LuWeeks said...

"I occasionally refer to my fellow atheists as “godless hell bound heathens.”

Call me godless, call me heathen, call me vegetarian, call me socialist, but you have just completely disappointed me you bumpy back humper, silicone stomper, cigarette salesman.

"Hell Bound"? What is that? Where is that? Coming from you that indicates your complete lack of knowledge. Suggesting Atheists are headed for a mythical place makes you some kind of XYZtian.

Dromedary Hump said...

Mia and all...

Wow! I seemed to have really opened a can of worms.
But let it not be said that I don't take criticism, corrective feedback, when it is proffered by thinking folks with more grace than I.

Your points are well taken.

Ouch!! ;)

mermayde said...

So glad I found your website, and I take comfort knowing that you reside somewhere up the road from me. Tell me, is there any atheist social/discussion/beer drinking group around? I am shedding friends like cat hairs since I have become so vocal about my non-beliefs. Thanks.

Dromedary Hump said...

Welcome, glad to have you.

Are you in NH? I don't know any organized atheist groups locally. But if you get desperate, you have a camel up the road who will lend you an ear... and watch you drink a beer ;-)

here's my email:

NewEnglandBob said...

Mermayde, depending on where you are located, it may not be too far away.

We have "Atheists of Greater Lowell" that meets in Chelmsford, 10 minutes from Nashua, NH and we meet twice a month.

Tidalgrrrl said...

Hump -

I am sad to say you seem to have missed the boat with this one.

I usually agree with you but we part ways when it comes to denigration of those with disabilities as a way to argue up a slippery slope.

I disagree with the political brouhaha around Rahm's statement because the Xtian Right is just using it as a tool to exploit a cause they generally undermine by cutting funding and programs so desperately needed by the same folks they profess to support.


So while I don't mind denigration of a social group that harms our society (xtian right wing asshats), I draw the line at using "gay," "retard," or "homo" in a perjorative way.

That said, any member of a disadvantaged class can call him or herself anything he or she wants. That doesn't mean I can. Well, and not be an asshole.

Still <3 ya Hump-muffins!

Dromedary Hump said...

Yep, I took my lumps on this one.
Point taken.

Rachelle said...

I use the word "'tard" to describe idiots and moronas...not for people who have genuine mental disabilities. Sarah Palin is a retard, but her young son is not. I love how it was NOT ok for Rahm Emanuel to use the word "retarded" ONCE in a PRIVATE meeting towards his fellow liberals, but ok for Rush Limbaugh to use the word SEVERAL TIMES on his PUBLIC radio show, cuz as Sister Sarah said, Rush was doing so for "satire." Sorry but I'm throwing the bullshit flag in on that one. It's all political for her. Period. If the word offends you, it should offend you no matter WHO uses it.

As for racial slurs...I try to avoid using them altogether (even in jest)...and I would even if I were not black and had a diverse set of friends. LOL! I am personally offended by the "N" word based on historical reality and matter who says it (inc. retarded rappers)....But I do have a copy of Dick Gregory's autobiographical book, "Nigger." LOL!

Sorry if anyone is offended by that. :)

Another great post, Hump. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm offended by your misuse of the phrase "I could care less". Honestly, Bart - I would have expected more from you. ;)

The proper phrase is "I couldn't care less" since the sentiment that you are attempting to get across is that you are at the lowest state of caring about the matter.

Really, friend...I'm sitting here in shock and awe. tsk tsk tsk. ;)

~the pastor's wife :)

Dromedary Hump said...


Given all the criticism I rec'd from this particular post I'm unsurprised that you found one more. :(

You are correct, mea culpa.

James said...

I dislike equating of "retard" with any racial slur. The reason is that racial slurs often evince a deeper hatred of the individual it is directed at. This is why we recoil at the WBC's signs reading "God hates fags". They aren't just saying something with a poor choice of words, they're evincing a terrifying hatred towards gay people.

This cannot be said about words like retard or cripple. These words can be used callously and may be a poor choice of words, but that is very different from hatefully. Calling someone a retard or cripple doesn't evince any underlying hatred toward these people. It doesn't mean that the user would support outlawing being retarded or crippled. At most it means you're being callous; and being callous just means you're a dick. So Rahm Emmanuel is likely just a dick; actually, he really is a dick (though, I love the guy as a political bulldog). My suggestion is that if you are offended at someone using these words, call them an asshat and move on.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Criticism?? I've read nothing but praises from your followers here!!

Sorry - poor grammar is just one of my pet peeves. ;) Especially in "published" works.


Contents under pressue said...

"God hates fags".

I dunno, WBC seems to be protesting a pretty legit case. I mean for one, fags have been a leading cause of ill health and immorality in the local youth.

So yes I agree with them - down with fags!

*in case nobody got the particular definition of fag I was using, read up on the definition of "Fag" as UK slang.*

Dromedary Hump said...

You captured my intent/ perspective nicely. thks.

quit beating on me. It's very un-Christian like. Well... not really ;)

Let me help you out here, just in case: in UK fags=cigarettes ;)

Rachelle said...

I too agree with James. LOL!

Mr. Raven said...

Minor point Rahm Emmanuel is *not* a liberal but rather a Dimocrap neo-con ie. also a conservative who was calling his fellow Dim "retarded" for not bowing to the ever increasing rightward lurch of the Dims. Rahm however is a fucktard and IMO ought to go back to the "Jewish" (ie theistic) state of Israel and reup with his old war crime committing DF unit, and hopefully we can't start reeling the Dims in to being a party that once again stands up for the working poor and the environment. Sarah Palin is also a fucktard!

Mr. Raven said...

errr "can start reeling in," doh, sigh!

NewEnglandBob said...

Mr Raven, you have a problem with someone's politics and you immediately resort to racism, bigotry and hatred. This, coupled with your poor language skills shows people that you are not worth bothering to listen to.

Mr. Raven said...

Incorrect new England Bob I have great respect for Jewish people, and some like John Stewart, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Norman FInklestein, etc, are my heroes. I do not have respect for the leadership of the *state* of Israel that uses the mythology that "God" (non existent) granted land to the Hebrews as an excuse to steal land from, and brutalize the Palestinian people.

I also do not have respect for Rahm Emmanuel a dual loyalty "citizen" who served in the war crime committing IDF (see the U.N. Goldstone report for more details) who is trying to drag the Dims in a an increasingly corporate and war friendly direction, I believe that makes him a fucktard of the highest order. I know it's considered terribly p.c. to confuse legitimate criticism of states like Israel with illegitimate irrational racism to further Israel's land theft and murder agenda, but this is the anti p.c. posting, remember?

So no I am not a" racist," or an anti semite but rather a critic of the Zionist agenda of the *state* of Israel, but apparently you are a neo-con and old testament lubber, that is the raw unvarnished truth much as you might wish it otherwise.

Hard left atheist, deal!

NewEnglandBob said...

Yes Raven, that is just what I expected from someone like you who is driven by ignorance and hatred. Just go ahead and make up nonsense about me, even though you have not read the hundreds of comments I have posted. Once again, you prove your irrelevance.

Mr. Raven said...

Do you deny that the Israelis IDF is committing documented war crimes?

Do you deny that Israel has declared itself to be a "Jewish" (ethnocentric) state?

Do you deny that radical West Bank settlers use untrue mythologies in the bible as an excuse to steal land that is over Israel's recognized under international law green line border?

Do you deny Rahm Emmanuel served in Israel's IDF?,7340,L-3616306,00.html

Do you deny Rahm Emmual is an DLC Dem who want to take the Democratic party in a more conservative direction?

I have stated a number of documented factual objective truths, hopefully something my fellow atheists will appreciate, if you believe you have evidence otherwise it is up to you rebut my argument using facts and a coherent counter argument and not merely engage in the ad hominem fallacy:

Discredited "anti Semitic" meme to stifle criticism of Israel's crimes against humanity is discredited:

(Interview with Norman Finklestein the son of Holocaust survivors).

NewEnglandBob said...

When one attacks ideas or policies, that is fine. When one attacks an individual that is bigotry and hatred.

Dromedary Hump said...

Gentlemen, if I may...

First, NEBob is far from what you accuse him to be Mr. Raven. So lets go easy on the name calling and characterizations.

Second, Raven: Your initial posting was more of a rant than a clear position statement. It was easy to intepret differently than you intended.

Your subsequent one clarifys that. I understand entirely where you are coming from. I agree on some issues, do not on others. But I welcome your input.

Guys... lets not let strong feelings about an issue to break down civility. You're both thinking atheists.

Mr. Raven said...

Thanks for the tacit admittance you can't refute my documented arguments. Keep shilling for the Israeli theocracy there bub, as pariahs for being overt war criminals they need all he help they can get.

Mr. Raven said...

Is not New England Bob's untrue statement that I am driven by "ignorance and hatred," not also an ad hominem personal attack?

I assure you I am to the left of anyone here, I was arrested for protesting old growth logging in northern California in 2004. I find all forms of racism abhorrent including that practiced by Israel as when it bulldozes Palestinians houses and drops white Phosphorus of a U.N. building, and engages in other war crimes in one of the most densely populated region of the earth the Gaza strip.

NewEnglandBob said...

No hump, you are wrong. I never said one word about his issue only his arrogant tone. I couldn't care less about what he said. Like you said, it was unintelligible ranting, His latest post proves my point about him. I will just continue to laugh at his moronic pronouncements. He fights with himself then declares himself winner. Hilarious!

Mr. Raven said...

The person who criticizes an ad hominem as "hatful" then launches into his own unsubstantiated ad hominem attack, does that make you also "hateful," or merely a hypocrite New England Bob? Choose one.

Thanks for at least tacitly admitting I am 100% correct that the theocracy in Israel is guilty of overt war crimes, for that is the important issue that ought to be more widely discussed. Why the U.N. hasn't occupied Israel for war crimes and illegal aggressive expansion beyond its recognize borders is a mystery that dumfounds everyone in the international community beyond Zionists in the U.S. and Israel. :( Hint Israel is far more guilty of aggression against her neighbors than Saddam Hussein was in 1991. Israel has literally hundreds of U.N. resolutions against it for various violations of international law and only hangs on at all because the U.S. protects it in the Security Council.

NewEnglandBob said...

No, Raven. I admit nothing from your frothing rants because I didn't even read them.

You also need to learn logic. I attacked what you said, your bigotry and hatred against an individual. I correctly called you out on it. That hardly puts me down in the slime where you reside. I did not launch anything unsubstantiated.

Also, your announcement: "I assure you I am to the left of anyone here..." is just you proclaiming that you have a bigger atheist dick than everyone - it is so juvenile. I and nearly everyone else will not play your childish games.

Where is all your hate coming from? What happened in your life, today, or in the past to produce these rants and childish behavior?

Mr. Raven said...

I know it's shocking to the callous, and those who shill for israel's well documented crimes against humanity, but there are many hundreds of millions of people in the world who are quite rightly white hot furious that Israel burns little child painfully to death and gets away with it, and often under the cloak of religion and the fraudulent mythological idea of a "greater Israel."

I do fervently dislike shills for Israel's atrocious crimes against humanity and those who think playing evasive rhetorical games is more important than the real human suffering the criminals in Israel deal out every day to the long suffering Palestinians.

Te fact that you felt yourself under attack to be far more important than the broader issue of Israel's crimes shows how truly little character you have new England Bo, which is is typical for those for whom the crimes Israel commits are are a big yawn to be brushed under the rug to hide Israel's crimes from the world. Yet that is now fortunately impossible with the internet. Israel's propagandists and shills are falling every day as more and more people find out the nature of Israel barbaric and sickening crimes:

Here is what israel's crimes look like, warning not for the faint of heart or those who haven't digested their lunch. :(‘wanton-destruction’-during-the-war-in-gaza/

Dromedary Hump said...

[The Camel once again goes totally out of character to play peace maker]

Guys, please quit the attacks. youre both talking past each other and neither of you are in a mindset to brooch the subject dispassionately enough to convince either of you of anything.

Lets give it a rest, please.

Mr. Raven said...

So you are only moderately un p.c. Drom? Isn't that some what oxymoronic?

Dromedary Hump said...

Uh...are we getting back on topic now? Or did something in my above comment elicit that?

either way, "moderately un-PC" whatever that is meant to infer, isn't actually an oxymoron.

For something to be oxymoronic it has to be a figure of speech that has at least two words whose separate definitions are actually (or ironically) in diametric opposition to each other. i.e. "Peaceful War," "silent scream," "military intelligence,"
or "peacemaking provocateur."

I made that last one up just now.

Rachelle said...

Mr. Raven...I disagree with your perception about NEBob...but not about Israel...However, the Israeli govt. isn't the only govt in the world that commits or permits crimes against humanity. Israel seems to irk you MORE though. Surely you can see that to some people that could come off as anti-Semitic even if you aren't.

Mr. Raven said...

Rachelle true the U.S. is an even much larger war criminal for occupying Iraq, and Afghanistan, and strafing Pakistan and Yemen with drones and making threatening moves towards Iran. The leadership of both parties in the U.S. ought to face war crimes tribunals IMO and I have marched against U.S. imperialism many times.

I do have to say however that Israelis aggression does irk me in a particular way as I think part of the reason "we" (U.S. govt.) are in Iraq in particular and are threatening Iran is the insidious influence of AIPAC on our foreign policy along with oil companies of course. Sadly I shouldn't even have to say this but it has nothing to do with Jewishness, some of the most honorable opponents of right wing Israelis *state* policy are again people of Jewish descent such as Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Norman Finklestein, etc. My concern is narrow that the Likud and Lieberman faction in Israel is committing monstrous crimes against humanity and using it's influence in the U.S. through campaign contributions to pull the U.S. into conflicts that are none of our business.

Joyce said...

So back to the subject at hand. "Political Correctness".

I, personally, strongly dislike the PC jargon for a number of reasons. My biggest reason, however, is that I feel it forces us to notice differences that I had never noticed before.

When I have to closely scrutinize the physical appearances of people, do a background check of a person's nationality, religion, and so forth and search my brain for the proper and acceptable usage of words that I can or cannot us,I am now more aware of differences that I paid no attention to previously.

I don't mean this callously -- I am referring to the generation that I was brought up when I was growing up in Connecticut. Or perhaps it's just true that children are still our best teachers.

As a child and young adult, before PC became the norm, I went to school and was neighbors with people of different colors, nationalities, religions, economics, and so on. I remember being jealous of the kids who lived in the projects because they had an entire neighborhood of kids that they could play with anytime. It wasn't a feared place filled with drug dealers and criminals -- to me it was a big playground. We noticed with interest the difference of accents and colors and asked many questions and had lots of conversations amongst each other and with family around the dinner table. I learned to keep my head covered if I went to someone's Catholic confirmation and to keep it uncovered if I went to someone's bat mitzah. I loved the exposure that I got to different types of music and food. We didn't have to be like another race to be able to relate to them and their hardships. That's because we KNEW the family and were friends with them and they with us. We were able to know and love them freely because they were just another neighbor, another friend, co-worker, or classmate. Until the PC world began, I was free to take people at face value and not have to be conscious of what I said or did. We talked to and treated each other the exact same way that we talked to and treated everyone. There were no differences that we were aware of. We befriended whoever we wanted to. We dated whoever we wanted to. We based our choices on how that person treated us and our friends and family. We got jobs together, took the same classes together, went to the same parties, laughed at the same jokes.

I loved having someone come up to me and tell me a dozen 'Dumb Polack' jokes (directed at me) and quickly retold them to all of my other Polish friends. We'd change the nationality of these jokes to fit the one of the person that we were telling them to so that the joke fit the listener. That's because we grew up knowing how to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves so seriously.

We've lost that ability to laugh at ourselves. We take ourselves FAR too seriously and our backs are always up. We're always on the defense.

PC has put me in bondage. Before that, I (and all those whom I grew up with) were free to act and talk however we chose. If a person was a jerk, they were a jerk. They weren't a black jerk or a white jerk or a Jewish jerk or a Catholic jerks. If you were a jerk, you were a jerk. No one defended themselves by accusations of racism or whatever. Same as if someone was a great person. They were judged by their actions, period. No one counted (or cared) how many people of a certain group passed a test, got on a team, etc. If you were good enough, you got on the team or passed the test. If you weren't good enough, you didn't. It was a pretty simple (and logical) system.

How do I get off this PC wagon?

Dromedary Hump said...

What an interesting and insightful post thanks.

Yes, its a different time. And while we have left the simpler times behind ( I suddenly sound like my father) there are alot of people, minorities who were not as free as we were in reality, who are glad to see those days behind us for a variety of reasons.

I guess what we lost in terms of our innocents, we gained in people's equality.

Joyce said...

"I guess what we lost in terms of our innocents, we gained in people's equality."

But that's my point. The period that I grew up in was during the civil rights movement (I was born in 1962). Civil rights and affirmative action were not one in the same. I don't know when (or how) the two got confused and somehow merged into one and the same.

There was equality.(Certainly not in all things and definitely not in all areas of the country; there were many things that were horrifically unequal. That was why civil rights were/are so important.) Those who got the answers right passed the test. Those who exceeded on the sports field made the team. "Standards" were just that -- standards.

The definition of standard (from states:

A rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment.

An average or normal requirement, quality, quantity, level, grade, etc.

If something is standard, it's standard. As stated above, it's a rule, a normal requirement. If a 'standard' is changed or lowered, it's no longer normal, it's no longer a rule. What was once required is no longer required -- at least not of everyone. That is not equality.

Is it?

Dromedary Hump said...

You won't get alot of argument from me. I see what you're saying here.

I have always stood for civil liberies, of Blacks, Jews, Gays, anyone who was looked upon as "the other" by the prevailing majority. But when the well intentioned affirmative action concept became a quota system, instead of a cultural mindset, it lost the moral high ground, IMO.

Angel said...

Up there with the quota system you speak of, Hump, is the No Child Left Behind act. I could scream with how many kids I see in classes who should be at least two grades lower because of this RETARDED system of punishment of teachers and cookie-force-feeding of kids. Kid doesn't know basic principals? Fine. Give him another chance. Still didn't learn it the second time around? Let him pass. And the next grade. And the one after that, too.

ESE classes are filled to the max because of this crap.

PC'ism has it's place, I agree. But not at the detriment of getting your point across. As Joyce stated, I feel like my hands are tied. I also feel like I have government imposed duct tape over my mouth. This is why we are now virtual schooling our children. I care more about my children's education and progress than any paid person who is overworked and undermined by their superiors.

NewEnglandBob said...

"I could scream with how many kids I see in classes who should be at least two grades lower because of... the No Child Left Behind act"

Except this has been going on in schools for 50 years and is not due to the No Child Left Behind act.

I also do not like "No Child Left Behind" and neither does the Obama administration and that is why they are changing it.

JMD said...

Editorial comment from a fellow writer:
"I feel badly about that now."
Your ability to have feelings is impaired? No doubt you meant "bad" not "badly" there.