Friday, May 4, 2012

The Camel’s Top 10 List of Stupid Christian Statements

Fanatical commitment to a specific mindset or agenda has a tendency to breed some really irrational thinking. This is true for just about any extremist position.  I don’t care how much you hated Bush Lite, he didn’t conspire to blow up the World Trade towers on 9/11.   And no, Jethro, aliens didn’t travel a few hundred light years in order to exercise their artistic skills in cousin Daryl’s wheat fields.

People have the right, of course, to believe and say what they like. But when invention, falsehood, myth, and ignorance are repeated often enough it can become accepted as popular fact and firmly ensconced in the fabric of society and this can be dangerous. When overwhelming evidence and unassailable documentation is dismissed out of hand, with no superior or even marginal objective evidence or documentation to refute it, relying instead on “this is what we believe” - it can have [quality of] life threatening implications for some or all of us.  

When it comes to all out stupid statements the hard core Christians are at the apex of the scale. The more Xtian they are the more stupid are the things they believe and say.  This doesn’t mean all Xtians say stupid things, only those who allow their religion to intrude so far into the realm of reality that it permits religio-think to supplant the objectively reasoned and factual ... intentionally or unknowingly.  

With this in mind, here is my list of the top 10 most stupid things Christians say:

10. Atheists are un-American and Communists
9.   Hitler was an atheist
8.   Einstein was a believer
7.   Atheism is responsible for more deaths than is Christianity.
6.   Catholicism has always promoted scientific discovery and learning.
5.   Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers were Christians;
4.   The USA is a Xtian Nation founded on the Ten Commandments.
3.   Evolutionary theory is a lie (and / or “evolution is just a theory”).
2.  “Separation of Church and State” is an invention of atheists because
       those words  aren’t in  the Constitution.
                        ...and the number 1 most moronic statement by Xtians:
      Homosexuality is a choice.

I won’t bother to provide the refutation to this laundry list of stupid.  We all know, or can readily access, the objective evidence that puts them to shame.  And the list is certainly not all inclusive as I’m sure you could add your own examples.
While I have long given up trying to debate fundies on their devotion to the supernatural as an exercise in the absurd, I hate to allow this kind of blatant garbage to go unchallenged. I’ll refrain from time consuming discussions, as I have tennis elbow in my pearl casting arm and it is inflamed easily with these swine. I will at least try to give them a few documented quotes and a link to source material which refutes their foolishness with objective evidence.

Why bother?  Because to simply ignore it would be to surrender the high ground of truth and reality to the most vapid and unschooled among us, permitting their stupidity to promulgate unfettered.  Their kind of stupidity is virtually criminal, and the last thing I’ll ever want to be accused of is being an accessory to the fact.

It may not do any good at the moment, but it occasionally segways into a blasphemy laced dressing down; the next best thing to a visit from a Mormon for this old camel.


NewEnglandBob said...

That is a good list. Unfortunately, there can be so many more entries to it. The list of Stupid Christian Statements is a pale comparison to the Orthodox Jewish list. Start that off with the 613 mitzvot (commandments) that are binding upon Jews...LOL

Loren Scott said...

Looks pretty comprehensive to me. Of course this is just the "top" 10 out of, ohhhh, perhaps 1000 stupid thing that Christians say. But, it's a pretty good 10. :)

David said...

I heard this one the other day:

"Separation of church and state was intended to prevent interference in the church from the state and was to protect religious freedom. We should not take it to mean a prohibition on the church taking part in matters of the state."

I think that could be added to the list.

flyz4free said...

One of my favs is "The Earth was created with the appearance of age" to explain away the verifiable age of fossils, the earth, the known universe, etc. Loonie dipsticks!

Anonymous said...

What did you do Bart? Steal their playbook?

"in order to exercise their artistic skills in cousin Daryl’s wheat fields."

Or anally probe our livestock.

David said...

I'm glad you topped the list with the "Homosexuality is a choice" line. This has got to be the quintessential example of Xtianity think that is just downright harmful. I know of no gay people, (even those terminally infected with any one of the three Abrahamic mind viruses), that say they remember that day when they sat down and chose what gender they would be attracted to, and despite the testimony of millions of gay people with their first hand accounts of their own real experiences, the religious will say, "Yes but even though we are not gay and have no idea what it is like, we know better than you, because we have a book written thousands of years ago by a bunch of barbaric cave dwellers that tell us so."

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Hump,
Where I have not left a comment in a while, I did want you to know that I stop by often to read your postings.

Bottom Line….I love a logical mind at work and you never disappoint my friend. Yes there is a lot of stupid made up mind thoughts or just nihilistic rhetoric rants that come from the “Ultra Religious Evangelical Fundamentalist,” that can so easily be disproved or shown to be inaccurate by employing Logical Argumentation skills…..none which the “Faith Bangers” demographics can demonstrate….nor concept there of.

Darren Lacey said...

I am especially fond of the last one. Being recently paroled from my ancient belief in fairy tales, i used to believe that statement word for word.I was,as a result quite a homophobe. I am now free from that ignorance and have a new appreciation of everyone we share this rock with.So glad to be rid of my personal cloak of religious intolerance!

Darren Lacey said...

Hi Hump. Im new here and love your blog. that last statement was gospel to me until my parole from fantasyland a few years back.I used to be quite a homophobe for no other reason than generations of indoctrination. I am now so happy to be free and to recognize others as members of this great world we live in! once your eyes are opened its hard to imagine how biggoted religion really is. Im sure I will have much to ad here, even though many are older posts, I'm Playing catch-up here. Thanks for your perspective and sharing!


Anonymous said...

I love this. There was actually a lady who said that dinosaurs didn't exist because the bible did not say so and the earth is not that old. Can you believe the stupidity of Christians? They refuse to believe things that have proof and demand that everyone believe something which has no authenticity behind it.

kimsland said...

How do you know Jesus actually lived and died on the cross, or that God himself even exists?

Ridiculous Religious Answer "Because its written in the bible"


You know the bible also says MANY other nonsense things like stoning your child to death. But THIS is their reason? They are truly mad.

Anonymous said...

Great list---although I was hoping it would contain some of the non-sequitur statements often made by christians such as "my lord is my god"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list. It was helpful. I think we Christians say many more stupid things than this. I know I have. We Christians do give you a lot ammo don't we? I am trying to do better. Sometimes we (christians) say and do things that get in the way of our faith which in turn gives a cynic another excuse to ignore God. That part of me frustrates me greatly. My faith has never let me down, God has never let me down; I'm a better person because of Him. I know the stupid things are obvious, I just hope that some of good is just as obvious. Thank you for your time.

NewEnglandBob said...

"My faith has never let me down, God has never let me down; I'm a better person because of Him."

Explain this. Faith is believing without evidence. That never let's you down? God has never let you down- has every prayer been answered? Has every decision in your life gone well? Does god talk to you and tell you what to do? How do you know god is 'him'? Do you see him? How does healed you a better person? Do you not do bad things due to fear? Do you treat people better because of yor religion? Would you rap, pillage, murder, lie and cheat without religion?

Anonymous said...

Thanks NewEngland Bob. Im not sure where to start, you have lots of questions? There are moments in which I would have hurt someone if I did not have God in my life. There are times when I have hurt someone, and by faith felt (knew) the need to apologize. On my own I am one selfish jerk, but the more I read the Bible and grow in my faith, I find myself becoming a recovering selfish jerk. BTW.. You asked "do I hear God?" Sure, from the Bible, or a nudge on my conscience from God. I remember an atheist telling me how stupid I was after saying something like that once. What gives him the moral authority to say that? Where does he base his truth?
More than that, many atheist debate using the "straw man" tactic of rhetoric and debate. The problem with that tactic is it pursues the appearance of being right as opposed to actual truth. And to your final question (I apologize I did answer all the other questions). Religion does not make me better, nor do I defend it. So much in religion has been destructive to pure christianity, to faith, and to the world. Look at the Crusades, those were terrible. To me they are terrible, based on New Testament Christianity they were wrong (evil). the truth I believe allows me to believe it and say it. I am spiritual, I am a follower of Christ, but I try not be religious for the sake of religion. Thanks

NewEnglandBob said...

Then you are someone I would not want to meet. You are a scary, unstable person. Only 'faith' told you that it was wrong? Go get mental help.

Dromedary Hump said...

How unfortunate one needs the concept of a Sky Daddy to keep one from hurting people, or apolgizing for doing something wrong.

How strange that if not for an imainary god ting holding the threat of reward or punishment, or simply acting as a calming influence, like a mystical placebo, that one might rape, kill, steal, molest children, and otherwise act counter to the laws and mores of civility. Laws and mores that are head and shoulders more advanced and civil than those mandated/driven/endorsed by a fictional psychopathic supernatural entity.

Peculiarly, an atheist does good not by threat of after life punishment or a carrot for reward or by placebo, but simply beause it is the civil, kind, humane, empathetic thing to do to treat one's fellow man with dignity.

It doesn't speak well of religionists that they are only one god away (out of thousands they dismiss as fable) from becoming rampaging maniacs. To that end, I'm glad the delusion of hearing/feeling your god keeps you on the straight and narrow. If you were to come to reason and modernity, and thus loose your addiction to ancient delusion born of bronze age nomads, and 1st century cultists... and thus became the violent, hateful, rape endorsing, pedocidal /genocidal thing that is your imagned god, you'd have to be committed to a prison for the criminally insane...or at least fed an alternate drug to replace the one that is your mind numbing belief.

Keep believing "Anon", because the alternative scares the shit out of me.

Dromedary Hump said... is it you can say the same thing in three short sentences that takes me four paragraphs to say? ;)

NewEnglandBob said...

Most of the time your paragraphs are powerful and inspiring.
Your blog posts are something I could never accomplish as well as you do.

Dromedary Hump said...

Bob: You're too kind, and under rate your talents.

Anon: one last thing...
you said: "... many atheist debate using the "straw man" tactic of rhetoric and debate. The problem with that tactic is it pursues the appearance of being right as opposed to actual truth."

I'll proffer you wouldn't know thruth from a hole in the ground. What religionists call truth is anything they'd like their fable to be. Period.

Here's some actual "truths" : there are billions and billions of suns and planets in the universe. Evolution is a fact of reality. People are good or bad as a result of some combination of biology, environment/upbringing. Man created thousands of gods in his image...only more so.

Truths do NOT include: "My gods/god is stronger / more real than your god/gods." Prayer to a god nets the requested results in excess of the laws of probability and chance. Prayers can move mountains, and regrow an amputee's limbs. Three day dead things come back to life. Mother teresa is worthy of sainthood & worked miracles beyond physical reality explanation. Hurricanes and tornadoes are the wrath of an angry diety for gay acceptence or abortions. You are a follower of this christ figure when in fact you're a Paulist (the inventor of Xtianity) are all other Xtians who haven't "sold everything and given the procedes to the poor" and lived an ascetic's life obeying the 613 laws of the Tanakh.

You see...truths are things that can be observed, or tested, or falsified, or repeated. Falacy is anything you "believe" with no more evidence than what you have for believing in Thor, Moloch, pixies, alient abductions, or werewolves.
Now I don't care that people believe in some or all of those things, because those things don't typically rresult in women's lives and reprodcutive systems being managed by men, or gay's damned and dismissed as 2nd class citizens, or wars being waged in their name, or Jews being persecuted, or lies being taught in schools as though it were science, nor do they seek to make this a "Werewolf Nation", and claim it to be the Founding Father's will.

Your Paulist mentality, along with Islamic madness, along with Orthodox or Zionist Judaism is a curse on this planet. That's the can be proven, it has been and is constantly repeated/reaffirmed, it is consistently observed, and it is subject to falsifiablity, albeit it hasn't been falsified yet. That's the truth.

No...go, and try not to hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the help guys. I really mean that. I'm doing research on rhetoric and debate. Interesting that you chose the whole name calling / saying "you are unstable" and stupid. Weak arguments evolve to such tactics. See, I do believe in evolution. You two are so old school.. We are not in the age of modernity, we moved on, are we not post-post modern? And finally, I never said I was stable; the scary thing is that you think you are.

Anonymous said...

one more thing...

You would love me if we ever met! I'm a lot of fun.
Really, I'm not scary at all. well, that's what my therapist says.
Take care

Dromedary Hump said...

Well, "Anon"..if all that keeps you from running amok is belief in the supernatural, then you are, by definition, an unstable entity.

Think about it: if you come to the realizatio..or worse, it is "proven" that there is no god, by your own admission you'd go a "jerk" . Don't blame us for putting into plain language what you yourself have declared.

Our arguments are far from weak...but I suspect you know that. But what else is there to say when all you have to base your argument on is unsubstantiated belief in boogie man.

Yep..I'd say I was stable, as is Bob. The foundation for our stability isn't in one of those 1000's of gods people pick to manage their behavior. It's based on thousands and thousands of years of societal evolution, humanity, and social graces. Not much chance of those things suddenly being yanked out from under us by reality ;)

Go with Gawd. And may your Lard and Slaver keep you on the straight and narrow.

NewEnglandBob said...

You scare me by what you said, Anonymous. That makes you scary to me. That is stating a fact, non name calling.

Apparently you don't understand simple logic.

Dromedary Hump said...

PS: where did either of us in our reply to you call you "stupid" Anon? Hmmmm? I can't find it.

I'm guessing you didn't read our posts in detail, simply glanced at them, and are so used to being called stupid you transferred that to us. Perhaps another side effect of being religiously afflicted.

Anonymous said...

Your right, no where did you say stupid. I guess I inferred wrong when I was called "mindless" Unable to know truth" and "a curse". Your right I was not called stupid. Bob said you both were enlightened. So you have evolved into kind of mutual understanding that allows human beings to be the best version of themselves? Again, maybe I inferred wrong on that. You keep calling me a religionist. Are you not both religionists. Isn't this your religion? Your dogmatic views seem exclusive. Isn't your faith in all of the variables necessary to produce an atom, a planet, life, etc., on a chance basis. Even with as you say "billions and billions of sun and planets" the probability figures come up with numbers like one chance in 10 to the 800th power.
So you like those odds? That is not logic, thats playing the worst odds ever. The only truth you have is that we are here, and then you have dozens of hypotheses of how that happened. Two guys come together and say they are enlightened and then call the guy who is different from them unstable. that doesn't sound like evolved thinking, that sounds like church.
ps. I know you didn't say enlightened, I just inferred that as well.

Dromedary Hump said...

I read your rant and I must say I'm bored.

Bored with the misuse of the word "faith". Bored with religionists calling atheistism a religion. Bored with your misuse of "dogmatic" for the rejection of supernaturalism. Bored by trying to equate the big bang to some odds factor, as though a god thing creating it having never been created itself doesn't imply odds of the absurd.

Infact, very little you said here is original, even less makes sense to thinking people, or is worthy of prolonged discussion. I do sense you're getting angry. to coin a phrase from the Xtian platitude handbook: If a thinking person hurt you at some time, I'm sorry.

Next time you dain to darken our doorway with your superstitous foolishness, be a man (or woman) and at least use a name.

NewEnglandBob said...

No, no, no, no, no and no.

Once again you attribute stuff to us that we don't believe and never came even close to saying.

Anonymous, you just make this shit up. Now go away because you embarrass yourself more with each post.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I'm not mad. I wrote it with a smile. I enjoyed it. Obviously you did not. I love talking with intelligent people like you. (sincerely). Again, obviously it was not mutual. Which is fine. Thank you for the dialogue. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know. I found your blog because I googled the phrase "stupid things Christians say." You had some good stuff. I have heard much more than that over the years. What do you know... maybe some of what I said will make the list. thanks...

Trev said...

I've heard plenty of nonsense out of the mouth of religious people. The most profound statements of ignorance from them have to do with morality. They say that god is love and the Bible sets down morality for us. If that's true, we should be beating our children to a bloody pulp, stoning people and killing those that break the law. Love?

lee woo said...

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