Sunday, October 21, 2012

Voting GOP this Election? Super! Here take one of these ...

... because your daughter, or grand daughter may someday need an abortion. Oh, and you’ll want to be sure to remind her to boil it first. 

You may want to stock pile a few dozen of these, because your grandson or daughter could be born gay, be persecuted, permitted by schools to be bullied by offended Xtians, and denied the happiness of a life long loving union that the rest of us are guaranteed. It’s okay, he’ll go peacefully. It’s worked for lots of kids.

And be sure to study up on this, because when the kids or grand kids need help with their science homework, you don’t want to confuse them or appear too intelligent. 

Don’t forget, Friday nights- when your local high school cheerleaders unfurl that state endorsed Christian banner - stand up and cheer with the rest of them. It may be unwise to call attention to yourself.  It’ll probably become a natural reflex after a while.

It’s all good. The God fearing Republicans have a plan to lower your tax rate, whip the world into shape, kick Iran's ass, beat China into submission, shrink the deficit, increase military spending, have gasoline flowing like Kool Aid, and fix everything once and for all.   Trust them, and trust God.   


Sue said...

I think you're on to something here, Bart. Let's stand outside the polling stations, and ask people how they voted and if they have a daughter. And if they reply Republican and Yes, hand them a hanger, saying "Please take this, as they are hard to come by. We bought them from a dry cleaner company that went bust thanks to the economy dive that Bush brought about." OH, and I have that Hamm book, which I treasure because it's so hilariously awful. "The bible begins with a simple fact--god always existed, and that is that!" Love the dinosaurs loading on to Noah's ark.

helga said...

We in Europe are scared that the fundie ticket will win....what a gloomy world it promises, made all the clearer by your graphic images Hump. We can only hope reason will prevail - or we are fast on the road to the kind of dystopian reality put forth in The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. As well as women's (and men's) reproductive rights on the line and the banners and rhetoric of xian delusion prominent in public places, there is also the prospect of a world of aggression towards any foreign country or state that does not support the fundies' world view...which of course includes an apocalyptic scenario...It seems all the abrahamic religions (+ mormons) have that, including Shi'ites who are waiting for their imam mahdi - the end is nigh shit. Sickening. As I repeat, let's hope reason prevails and the bullies are not out in force next month.....voter turnout is everything. Good luck America - we are with you!

NewEnglandBob said...

I expect Rmoney to claim at tonight's debate to reduce taxes by 200%, twice the amount that anyone else proposes!