Sunday, March 3, 2013

Religious defense of the indefensible leaves me speechless

This is going to be a very short article. As soon as I finish it I am going back into mourning for the utter demise of human dignity and reason.

After having posted a dromedarian screed to a Huffington Post story decrying Pope Benedict’s grotesque lie to 3rd world people in Africa that condoms spreads AIDS, I was treated to two defenses of the pope by devout Catholics.

The first one reprimanded me for focusing in on such a small detail when “everyone knows” that there is a “multinational conspiracy” to spread AIDS throughout Africa, especially among the miners in South Africa, and that should be my real concern if I really cared about AIDS among the African people.

The second Catholic’s admonishment was this:

“Condoms are against God’s plan for creation. His Holiness cares more for saving the eternal souls of those people so they can enter the Kingdom of God than about saving their mortal bodies, as well he should.”

Perhaps as I approach my dotage my ability or desire to respond to these things has been blunted. Maybe I’ve reached the point where I realize that ripping a new asshole for people this far beyond the pale is futile. Or possibly I just can’t formulate the words that would adequately express the breadth of my horror and intensity of my disgust when confronted by the unbridled and limitless insanity and inhumanity that religion brings. Whatever the cause, I was overwhelmed, saddened and left speechless. 

I mourn for mankind.


Paula Bryder said...

Beyond vile. I admit it: I want everyone who supports these animals to be fucked to death with a steel nail tipped concrete dildo. After all the years of watching the damage caused by these sheeple, I think it's time. I have gone beyond sadness to full on rage at the harm these godbots cause.

Dromedary Hump said...

I share your frustration, I know the feeling.

NewEnglandBob said...

These two Catholics do not exhibit human tendencies. They are pathological and are contemptible.

I doubt if they read about themselves here, they will do the right thing and get help for their disease of faith.

tiNstAg said...

The trouble with the religiously brainwashed is that just cannot see their own idiocy. If "hevun" is such a great place then why don't they all just slit their own throats and hurry on up there, leaving the planet for us "heathens" to enjoy?

Helga said...

Hump, I have to agree with you - the utterly callous remarks made by these excuses for 'holy men', are truly vile. I am also rather peeved that a comment I sent to HuffPo on the subject of ratzinger leaving, was rejected. My comment was mildly-worded and addressed the issue of how hypocritical of the vatican to be horrified by gays within its walls, while on the other hand, pedophile priests seem to cause no ripples or major upsets within this for-profit organization aka the catholic church. Getting back the issue of AIDS and condom use, the church's policy is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Yes, you have a right to be filled anger..their anti-condome policy is, and will always be, an outrage. I hope history remembers the catholic church with the contempt it deserves..

Not available at this time... said...

Hi Bart,
My second book of 55-word stories is finished...well, except the editing. Anyway, thought you might appreciate one of the stories.

The Pope Just Returned From Africa

“Excellency, how was your trip?”
“Nice seeing all of my followers, good Catholics.”
“Sure you know there are reports about the country being devastated by AIDS.”
“Yes, sadly I saw that. Of course, I offered prayers.”
“Goes against everything the Church believes.”
“Many will die.”
“Yes, but they’ll enter heaven with a pure soul.”

Anonymous said...

Let us ignore the obvious conspiracy to cover up child sexual abuse in our church and create an insane one out of thin air to divert attention away from all of our real problems.

In regards to the second ridiculous comment - if every sperm is sacred, how do you reconcile masterbation?
And don't fucking tell me you don't do it. EVERYBODY does it, including nuns, priests, cardinals and yes - the pope's done it too.

Is that not the same as using a condom? Wasting sperm that could have been a child?

So "his holiness" cares more about this starving kid after he's dead??

This all speaks to a greater problem with religions: the idea of "fuck this world...we've got a better one waiting for us."

The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

I think what is most fightening about the last Catholic comment is that there are actually people that believe the tripe. In the same vein as this believer it can be said that the devout should not mourn the dead but envy them and celebrate that they have attained heaven.

Amelie said...

This is cool!