Thursday, May 29, 2014

“Cancer Fears Jesus”: The ultimate example of religious ignorance and obscenity

How sad and pathetic this is. The meme above was posted by a religious fanatic on her facebook page. It seems posting crazy religious memes are her life’s work. Check it out if you have the stomach for it.


I’m still trying to figure out the meme’s message. What…if they don't believe in Jesus a child is more likely to succumb to cancer?  That chemo, radiation, all that modern medical science has done to extend and save lives means nothing if that child doesn’t have Jesus in her corner facing down this disease like some imaginary superhero? That cancer has a thought process, is sentient, and can be intimidated into remission / eradication by the mythical Christian man-god?    

I posed these questions to the devout readers of this religious nutter’s page. Amongst the  “Amens!” and “Hallelujahs” of agreement with the nutter’s meme, there were these responses:

”Ok. You Don't Believe In God/Jesus. Why rant about the ones who do? Your interpretation wasn't correct.”
Barbara Latty

Needless to say, no “correct” interpretation for the meme was offered. I imagine Barbara tried her  hardest to make up some off the wall interpretation for this embarrassingly absurd “Cancer Fears Jesus” non-think, but came up dry.

 “I think the message is no child should have to live with cancer so pray for them or do whatever you can for them. But then some people just have to jump on the Dumb wagon because they have nothing else to do…”
Patricia Henderson

Lest it be lost in translation, I’m the one driving the “Dumb wagon.”
If they truly believed prayer was effective and their god was real why even bother with modern medical science?  Why not go one step further and pray to end ALL cancer everywhere?

OH NO, that wouldn't do would it? Because cancer isn’t going to suddenly disappear, they know that, it’s just too big a challenge for their imaginary friend; where as this young girl COULD go into medically induced remission thus permitting the religionists to claim “God answered our prayers!” Convenient.

”I wonder how many people die in the hands of our mighty doctors? They can kill an unborn child but not heal em off cancer? Wow science is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.” 
Mahase Mosoloane

Says the halfwit who likely runs to the doctor to reconstruct his face when he falls off his trailer head first into his wood chipper; or saves his wife from hemorrhaging, or cures his infection with antibiotics so he can save his limb, or corrects his cholesterol, or treats his kid’s appendicitis,  or exorcises his anal wart. Funny how they bad mouth doctors when their god’s healing power is challenged, while only a miniscule minority of fringe Christians actually refuse medical treatment favoring prayer only.

”Well Bart u obviously lack several things 1. A brain 2. Compassion 3. Faith and most important self worth! U poor ignorant man we'll pray for u!”
Conni Gent there’s an in depth analysis!  Yes, the lack of a brain and my utter ignorance owing to my accepting reality and rejecting ancient superstition and religious mind masturbation is quite a burden. 

But it’s a burden I  share with 93% of the National Academy of Science fellows, and 96% of the Royal Society (UK's counter part) the best scientists in both nations, who reject supernaturalism - those very people who have extended the lives of humans, who found the treatments for childhood diseases (the ones their god thing seems to keep creating). Yep I, just like all of them, are missing a brain and self worth, and because we reject ignorance in favor of medical science, we are lacking in compassion to boot!  Brilliant.

Note the passive aggressive “We’ll pray for you.” …Strangely, it didn’t make my head explode as Conni no doubt expected. 


Mindless kowtowing to myth and fable is one thing, but implying a child's cancer will be healed by indoctrination into Christian delusion is another entirely. That they don't see the grotesque stupidity of it is simply a result of total immersion into the religious affliction. They are the Christian answer to the Bushman shaman chanting, shaking a rattle and throwing ashes over a sick child.   People who embrace this kind of non-think disgust me. It is obscene... simpleminded obscenity.


tiNstAg said...

Maybe you should start a counter-meme "jesus fears Education"?

verukka said...

I have questioned the "pray to heal" ethos since I was a small child- cancer took a favorite aunt when I was 6 years old. She was a faithful soul, a good mother, too young to die, and I didn't understand why a ruling deity would choose to kill her and save others based on the quality of prayer. The human organism is complicated, and the illnesses that attack humans are complicated. Medicine works sometimes, and sometimes it does not. If prayer makes people feel better, great. But to presume that the followers of one religion or the more fervent prayers are better at treating illness- nah, it is a disservice to the many good people who have succumbed to illness, and the loved ones they have left behind.
And... to presume that Hump has no self worth as that one nudge commented- hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I can see why Cancer would fear Jesus as Cancer works for Jesus to get souls to Him faster. No doubt Jesus pressures Cancer with quotas which if unmet could have dire consequences like Cancer being replaced by, I don't know, Lighting, Brimstone, Salt Pillar, Flood.
I just never figured Jesus would be such a dick to work for.

Dromedary Hump said...

LOL. Yes,well the fear of education by Jebus (aka The Church) is pretty well established. Too much thinking is always dangerous to Jebus' long term existence (aka, the Church's existence and hold on people's minds).

Well said.
And indeed, my ego clearly makes the "no self worth" comment a bald-faced lie..but hey.. it's all they got.

Sounds like a reasonable analysis; and yes... that Jesus makes Moby Dick look like a small dick. ;)

Anonymous said...

All these comments are made by people who have not encountered - JESUS and his Healing Power. I have seen Jesus heal a boy a 13 year old named Taylor.. of a brain tumor. My son's ex girlfriend Lakyn called Crying her eyes out. She had known Taylor 9 years. He had 6 weeks to live. Kelly prayed violently against that tumor and the next night showed me the text of Lakyn screaming he's healed!!!!! He's healed!!!! He went to the specialist today and the gone --!! So approve or don't approve but it is what it IS! Cancer MUST GO! IN HIS NAME. Yes He does heal and I just felt to give this one example among millions.

Dromedary Hump said...

Dear Anon Religious Fanatic,
Thank you for that genuine Christian testimony and gibberish. I know just what you mean.

I actually lost my arm in an accident, and after sacrificing a chicken to Lord Moloch, and drinking the blood of a Christian child, it regrew!! That's right, Moloch restored my entire arm...fingers and all, just like new!! Thank Ya Moloch!!

If only more people believed in Moloch He could eradicate the cancer your man-god jesus created for his beloved creations.

Plus, He may even be able to replace the brain cells you've obviously surrendered to your faith. But there are no guarantees in that regard.Some times Moloch's answer is "No". But you know all about that part.

May Moloch bless you with good crops, many male children, and victory in war.