Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hey, Black Clergy - "Civil Rights" ... It Ain't for Blacks Only!

The article in the Huffington Post declares:  African-American Vs. Gay Civil Rights Is A False Choice

Evidently it is perceived to be insensitive or demeaning to the historical Black struggle for civil rights to equate the gay rights movement with the African-American fight for equality. Leading this indignant opposition to gay rights as a civil rights issue are the Black pastors.  The African-American community is among the least accepting of gays, the most homophobic group, thanks to hard-core Christian indoctrination and the fire and brimstone rantings of many of their religious leaders.

Whole pathetic story here:

But "Choice"?  What's choice have to do with anything?  The fight for civil rights, for equality and equal protection under the law whether black, feminist, or gay doesn't require a "choice". Since when is civil rights an "either or" situation?

The fact that African-Americans were subjected to the abomination of slavery doesn't give them more right to equality, more right to respect, more right to the sole ownership of the term  "civil rights", or the benefits thereof.  The Jewish community came to the aid of the Black civil rights movement in the 60's.  Some of those Jewish activists were beaten and hosed,  torn by police dogs, and killed by racist southern scum.  Those Jews felt a kinship with the black activists because they had borne the injustice of antisemitism.  I don't recall rabbis coming forward to declare: "Well, yes, you're put upon, but you haven't suffered a Holocaust; so your demand for and expectation of equal rights is less than ours. Besides, the Torah doesn't say anything about Black people deserving equality." 

The shame of Black Christian clergy  is and always will be the fact that they stood against and barred the door to equality of another oppressed group that is desperately trying to throw off  second class citizenship. Their opposition reminds me of Gov. Wallace and his ilk, and the crowds of ranting jeering whites, who barred the door to school  integration by black children.

Can they be so blinded by the religious dogma inherited from their white slave masters,  and their obedience to a book of fables?  Can they be so callous as to NOT see the correlation to their own struggle for equality?
Interesting how, in such a short time, the persecuted easily becomes the persecutor.

Steven Weinberg's observation has never been more true: “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion."
Jesus wept.


Deidra said...

"Those Jews felt a kinship with the black activists because they had borne the injustice of antisemitism."

ROFLMAO. Yeah, like stealing all of Palestine's land and erecting a "Berlin" style wall (only, 10 times higher and thicker) to keep those fucking sand niggers out of their own land?

Dromedary Hump said...


I doubt you're actually ROFLMAO.

Evidently you equate Israeli policy with Jews world wide, preventing you from making any distinctions between said policy and Jews in America. Thus, you use that to deny the history of the Jewish support for African-American civil rights.

You may want to try and control your emotions so that they do not become irrational and distort your vision of history and reality...lest you become like the Christian History Revisionists and are dismissed as irrational.

Deirdra said...

D. Hump,

"Evidently you equate Israeli policy with Jews world wide, preventing you from making any distinctions between said policy and Jews in America."

Evidently, you equate "Jews worldwide" with "Jews in America", hence you're clearly ignorant perspective of the frightening reality of the Jewish mentality worldwide, which is clearly fascist, imperialist and grand-scale thieving.

Maybe you believe like GW Bush, i.e. that this planet is composed of American human beings, surrounded by an 8 billion-strong bunch of ape-like aliens - mixture of chinks, sand niggers and euro-trash..

In the EU (which is where I live), there are 27 countries. In all of them, it is the same story; to cite just one (but typical) example:

If you apply for a job in a company owned by a Jew in a European country, your only hope is for a job as a janitor (after hours, cleaning the toilets etc). It is illegal in Europe to deny a job on the grounds of race/nationality/religion, but that doesn't deter the typical Jew company owner because those anti-discrimination laws are the easiest to get around. How? Here is how:

When you apply for a job, you have an interview with someone high up in the personel department. That interview is private, i.e. nobody from the government is present to monitor it. Therefore to refuse a position to a candidate on bullshit racist reasons is the easiest thing to do; nobody is there to witness it.

And that is exactly what is happening in Europe. Find me one single company owned by a Jew where ANY of the management personel is NOT a Jew. Actually, don't bother - you'd spend your entire life going nowhere real fast.

Dromedary Hump said...

Go back to my blog article and then your original comment.

Any one reading it without some preconceived prejudice can see I was speaking about the well documented US Jewish support for American Black civil rights. Not Jews world wide, nor Israel, nor anywhere except the USA.
Period. New sentence.

My article seems to have triggered your totally off topic and bizarre comment about Palestine (Israel), and Palestinians (AKA "Sand Niggers").
Period. New sentence.

Now you are ranting about Jews in Europe. Which,once again,is irrelevant to my blog article, or the facts surrounding the African-Amer. civil rights movement in the 60's. Period. New sentence.

Thus I find your inability to distinguish between my article and my comments- and your antisemitic sentiment commentary irrational one sided, off track and frankly fucked up.

Have a nice weekend.

Deirdra said...

In other words, and to sum up your diatribe, nobody is allowed on your blog to expand on the topic your start without being insulted and told (s)he is off topic and irrelevant? Right?

Thanks for confirming what I suspected, i.e. that you're a fascist, racist, Jew-cocksuker, camel sodomizing cunthead. You should convert to Orthodox Jew, it'd suit you to the ground. Bonus: you'd stop being such an embarrassment to the atheist/agnostic community worldwide.

The dozens of ppl reading the 10-or-so blogs on which I crosspost my comments here (together with copy/paste of your replies) will be most impressed, lol. So, don't worry if your inate censorship commands you to suppress this comment of mine. Hundreds of people are all getting the immense pleasure of reading it all, lol.

Bye, Hitler.

Dromedary Hump said...

"Bye, Hitler" ?

Get some help, Deidra.

Anonymous said...

Hump, The Homophobic members of the Black clergy are just Christians being Christians. They'll get over it. Eventually. I mean Galileo was only under house arrest for 359 years. For being right.

Deirdra, on the other hand, confused me. While responding to an article you haven't written, she either signs off calling you Hitler or signs off as Hitler. She sounded like the latter.

Dromedary Hump said...


There is a not so fine line between being anti-theist and exhibiting psychopathic extremist ala Neo-Nazi, KKK, Skinhead, etc. mentality.

Deidra has obviously crossed it.