Saturday, May 17, 2014

Racist scum Robert Copeland makes me ashamed to be a New Hampshirite

The photo above is Robert Copeland.  An eighty-two year old elected member of the Police Commission of Wolfboro, New Hampshire; a bigot; a man with zero social grace; a person of questionable integrity; possessing no dignity or sense of  shame.  He has now become the face of New Hampshire to over 300 million Americans. Although I don't live in that town, I am never the less ashamed to be associated with his home state.

Copeland was overheard calling President Obama a "fucking nigger."  Not only  was he unapologetic when challenged,  he was actually indignant that his assessment of the President was being questioned. It seems the President "meets [his] criteria"  for the epithet. When questioned by the press, he became enraged that reporters would dared question him on his use of the term much less make an issue of it, calling one local TV reporter  "a skunk" for doing precisely what reporters do. I imagine it would be fair to proffer that had  the reporter  been black he'd have been called "a fucking nigger skunk." 

Details here:

This would be reason enough to be ashamed to be a resident of a state that would elect this racist old  fool to local office; but one of his fellow police commissioners, Joseph Balboni, went so far as to seemingly defend Copeland's  right to free speech, condemning the town's and state's citizenry's expression of outrage,and offering how generous and fair Mr. Copeland has always been to the town - as though he is due a pass for his obscenity based on past financial contributions; or that the outrage against his comment was somehow an attempt to deny him his 1st amendment rights. This simply served to heap more disgrace upon an already disgraceful situation.

Yes, Mr. Copeland has the right to say what he pleases.  This isn't in question. But so too do the public that he was elected to represent, and the people of the state in which he lives, have the right to condemn him for his backwardness, archaic incivility, lack of decency and gross behavior which casts us all in a bad light. The fact that New Hampshire has one of the nation's smallest  populations of minorities should raise sensitivities to any bigotry and racism displayed by an elected official. Indeed, how can an African-American, or Hispanic, or Jew, or Muslim, or atheist,  or any minority that Mr. Copeland may also harbor hatred toward, ever feel that their interests are being fairly represented by an admitted racist and bigot who goes so far as to take pride in his bigotry?

The jury is still out as to whether this piece of human flotsam can be recalled, and what pressure can be put on him or the town to unseat him.  It's entirely possible that nothing can be done and that he will serve out  his three year term which ends in 2017 - unless he dies before that by natural causes. If so, I harbor a hope for the latter.

Mr. Copeland's political party hasn't been specifically divulged as yet.  However, his documented derogatory references to "liberals" eliminates a lot of the guess work. As a moderate and undeclared / independent voter I'm no admirer of  either end of the political spectrum's fringe.  But the mentality displayed by Copeland, and the many like thinking Republicans country wide - local, state and federal- who openly or covertly "hate that fucking nigger in the White House", make me glad to have left the "Party of God, Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny and Anti-Science" far behind years ago. 

I can at least be proud of that.


Den!s said...

Yes you can be proud of dumping the Rethugnicans. I question why anyone his age would be considered for public office. For his comments, he should be removed from office by the other commissioners for insulting the President of the United States.

You could invite him and Dick Cheny up to the Camel Ranch for a little skeet shooting :) hehe

Carl said...

It will be great when all these old white racist fuck tards die off. Then we can move society forward and out of the barbaric age these nuts came from.

paul said...

Carl, don't bet on it. Just as there are many, many of us older folks who don't share the bigotry of the likes of Robert Copeland, there are -- unfortunately -- a great many very young people being brought up and taught to hate for any number of reasons, many of them based on religious tenets. Until the world is rid of religion, the weak-minded and the deluded will continue in such blind idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the real question to be asked is how this loser was elected in the first place, and just how many like minded people voted for him. America still has more than its share of mindless individuals and hate groups.

Dromedary Hump said...

Just for the record:
while this bastard was re-elected to the police commission, he had previously not exposed his racial bias and obscene mentality.

I therefore cannot not blame the citizens of Wolfsboro for re-electing him to another three yr term. I commend them for their outspoken efforts to try and unseat him, and for sharing in our collective embarrassment for NH.

Deirdra said...


"For his comments, he should be removed from office by the other commissioners for insulting the President of the United States. "

Mmmm... well, I have to disagree on this one. While I agree with you that Repugnicans, especially old senile ones, should be all be barred from political life, there is no need to forcibly cast them aside.

They manage that trick just fine on their own, thanks to their astounding incompetence, stupidity, fascism and pro-Israel/Jew policies.

Dromedary Hump said...

UPDATE: I am happy to report that today Robt. Copeland has resigned under pressure brought to bear by the good people of New Hampshire.