Thursday, October 15, 2015

GOP Christian Non-Think: It’s the Best They Have to Offer

At the bottom of this article are actual headlines and extracts from news stories that quote the GOP field of 2016 presidential hopefuls, and a handful of high profile GOP supporters and talking heads. If you want to find the actual stories just cut and paste them to Google search.

I read these things, hear them on the news, watch as they unfold on TV and I ask myself: How do registered and committed Republicans justify this madness, especially freethinking / atheist Repubs?  If this is what represents their party, their philosophy, their ideal of a presidential candidate are they insane? And if not, how can they read or hear this and not be ashamed?

I attribute it to cognitive dissonance, or a serious deficiency in acumen, or a willingness to ignore the crazy and blindly chant the old mantra of “less taxes, smaller government, more defense spending” to the exclusion of who and what their party icons are and how they act - let the reality of its obscenity be damned.     

The die hard Republican will more than likely say that these people and their comments really don’t represent their party and perspective; that this is the fringe element (Carson and Trump being the poll leaders of the “fringe element” I imagine); that I’m just cherry picking embarrassing statements that the “far left media has taken out of context!”.   But that only holds water for a limited time. You see every one of these headlines and statements are just a sampling of those that occurred within the first two weeks of October. 

If one is known by the company they keep, certainly one’s stupidity, lack of civility and backward think is exposed by the grotesque ignorance of their party’s standard bearers and high profile supporters.  You are what you vote.
Kasich warns against 'secular society'; John Kasich Says Secularists Lack Values

Donald Trump Says America Would Have "Common Sense" If Far-Right Host Michael Savage Headed NIH  [National Institute of Health]

Bobby Jindal Blames Oregon Shooting on Abortion and Single Mothers 

Ben Carson On Oregon Murders: 'I Would Not Just Stand There And Let Him Shoot Me'

Ben Carson: Hitler may have been stopped if the German public were armed

Mike Huckabee Is Having A Meltdown About New Rainbow Doritos

Lindsey Graham, seeking aid for home state, says he can't remember why he voted against Sandy relief

Jeb Bush Blows Off Oregon Mass Shooting Deaths by Saying “Stuff Happens”

The violent “perversion” we’re witnessing is due to America lacking “… a certain Christian foundation or religious foundation to our country.” Rand Paul

Lou Dobbs Says School Shootings are Happening Because We Took Religion Out of School: Need to Pray More

Michele Bachmann: Carolina Flooding Is God's Wrath For U.S. Israel Policy

Bill O'Reilly Denies The Existence Of Child Hunger: "It's A Total Lie"

Michael Savage Suggests UCC Shooting Was An Obama Conspiracy To Distract From Syrian Civil War

Franklin Graham says Obama influenced by Islam, all his policies are 'against Christ'

NRA's Ted Nugent Calls Unarmed Victims Of Gun Violence "Losers"

Texas Republican: Jewish Bernie Sanders Is Just Like A Nazi

When Rick Santorum said of the GOP
"We will never have the elite, smart people on our side…” and when Bobby Jindal said  ”Republicans must stop being the stupid party" Truer words were never spoken. Both statements confirm the old saw that some times even blind, religiously demented squirrels, find a nut.


paul said...

Irony of all ironies: the far right bible-based sharia government these fanatics would create for the US is exactly what the gun fondlers among them think they need to be armed to resist.

Kieran Richardson said...

Here, Here. But I have to say here in Sheriff Joe's Arizona, I'm a registered republican because all the big decisions are made in the republican primary. In the general election, I take a particular pleasure in filling out the absentee ballot provided by GOP with all Democrats.

talos1 said...

Can I get a witness brothers and sisters!!
So true what you describe. I hate the fact that religion and stupidly based religious comments and superstitions seem to define platforms in our country via republicans especially.

Wasn't it Trotsky who said the 13th century is still alive in the 20th?