Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two days of Madness and Hate and The Straw that Broke the Camel's Patience

I don't know what to think anymore. There was a time when reason prevailed, when diplomacy was always the first course of action, when the GOP warned against the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, and who, like Eisenhower, had nothing but disdain for war and who, like Goldwater, warned of the religious fanaticism that was creeping into their party.  They were, it seems, ignored.

Something is very wrong.  For years now the drum beat of the GOP has been for more war. "Bomb bomb bomb....bomb bomb Iran." McCain sang when he was running for President ...and he's singing it again now. McCain has never met a war he didn't love. And while it pains me to say it, being a combat Vietnam veteran, I wish he had come home in a body bag - he'd have better served his country .

Now  Allen West, an Uncle Tom Right Wing fanatic is decrying the fact that those ten captured sailors who floated into Iranian waters didn't fight to the death ...  and that the insult of that video Iran released is defamation of our honor and thus worthy of war.  Here's an excerpt of his blog:

“This, folks, is an act of war, and our soldiers were captured. Our honor calls upon us to fight, to resist, not surrender. The ramifications of not doing so means our honor is now being mocked and we’re seen as nothing more than cowards on our knees."   **

The GOP presidential candidates are falling all over each other declaring Obama's weakness by negotiating the freedom of five Iranian held US captives for the release of seven Iranian/US citizen's being held for non-violent offenses.  They are all declaring Obama everything from "feckless" to "traitorous" and the comments on Right Wing blogs and media sites by the FOX News sheep are virtually calling for the death of Obama and War with Iran.  It is insane. 

Every New Hampshire GOP primary advertisement by Cruz, or Trump, or Christy, or Rubio espouses that our military is weak, that it has been degraded by seven years of Obama's neglect; that they will be the ones to "rebuild' it to better intimidate our enemies..and instill fear in those who might be our enemies someday. The code phrase is "to Make America Great Again." For surely only then can we be safe.  NEVER MIND the fact our military spending is, and has been for decades, higher than the next ten largest nations'  armed forces combined ....including China and Russia... we just aren't spending enough to intimidate it seems! 

Look, I've tried  to keep this blog focused on atheism and anti-theism.  I've occasionally mixed politics in with it, mostly as it relates to the Religious Right's grasp on the GOP. But it has gone beyond that now.  These episodes over he past two days have broken the camel's to speak.  So let me say it clearly:

I despise the GOP, everything they stand for, and everyone who supports them. If any of my readers support the madness I described above,  if any of them decry Obama's diplomacy, his efforts to avert another Middle Eastern war quagmire and impair Iran's nuclear ambitions; or if any of them are livid over his ability to our get sailors freed under 24 hours without firing a shot, or loss of life on either side; and gain the release of five US citizens who were suffering in Iranian captivity.. then do me a favor unsubscribe from this blog.

You see, I left the GOP some years ago realizing that --- The Party of Jesus, The Party of War First, The Party of Fear Mongering,  The Party of Israel or Die, The Party of Mindless Nationalism, The Party of Gun Ownership Absolutism, the party of extremism, homophobia, racism, of financial privilege, of demonizing of the poor  --- no longer represented me or my ethics.  I want no discourse with those I left behind.  I want no false patriotic platitudes.  I will entertain no justifications for what I deplore, because there can be none among the thinking.

If you hold fast to those principles of hate, and war, and racism, and homophobia, and misogyny, and class privilege et al -  then our shared atheism is insufficient reason for me to either respect your positions or tolerate you.   Go forth - send your sons, or grandchildren to die in the glorious service of nation building, or mindless anger, or for our national honor that Mr. West so deeply urges. But do so silently. I don't care to hear your cries of mourning.

**Read West's blog story here:


Den!s said...

Today's tremendous news of the prisoner release was a different matter for the GOP Presidential candidates, with them frothing at the mouth over it. It's absolutely incredible. They are fucking nuts, cookoo, bonkers, mentally ill. There are no words to accurately describe their behavior/mentality. They are....... ok, I'm going to say it......TERRORISTS!
Ok, if not terrorists, how about seditionists? The GOP is not supporting the entirety of the union of states, therefore you all should...... ______ them.

Dromedary Hump said...


I do not want anyone to invoke "Godwin's Law" so I try to avoid comparisons to the 3rd Reich.

But the flavor,the smell, the sound the rhetoric, and the drum beats for war are reminiscent of the worst kind of culture, one I never expected to see again on this planet - least of all from us.

Anonymous said...

I'll be having dinner with David Silverman in a few weeks. I'm very interested in his visit to CPAC and his ideas of bringing more conservatives into American Atheists. I'm wondering what those atheists are for if they are voting consistently Republican.

Dromedary Hump said...


I can not even imagine.
I watched this Youtube video.

...and while he espouses some very conservative bed rock concepts... he is in denial if he thinks that CPAC, or any meaningful number of Right Wingers, would hesitate a moment to have him killed, jailed, or deported to "North Korea" for his godlessness. He may as well be there telling them Jesus was a myth and being gay is not a choice for all the inroads he'll make. It's a fools errand, and perhaps an ego trip.

I am not a dues paying member of Amer. Atheists. I already give my money to organizations that more closely represent my perspectives, priorities, sense of justice and ethics, and not with those whose only shared interest is being a non-believer.

Bumpa said...

Dear Hump,
AS a FB friend too, I will not announce my upcoming marriage to Jeebus. Well written and thanks. I admire your work.

Fellow Atheist

Bob Finlay

talos1 said...

Agree totally with your post on the release of the 10 Navy personnel, Hump.

To hear Cruz up there running his mouth about how if he was President, Iran would pay deeply for what they did, revulsed me!

What the F! Why doesn't Iran have the right to protect their sovereign borders? Every country has the right and obligation. It baffles me why Cruz and others of his ilk would think this way. Would our country do anything less than the Iranians

These people were released the following day or so. When was the last time anyone captured by Iran released before months or years had passed. That's what shocked me personally. Instead of making childish threats and slamming Obama over being " feckless" , the candidates should have all been congratulating Iran for their swift decision to release them, even though they certainly would have been in their rights to detain them longer, which we most certainly would have done in the same circumstances.

I'm so pissed that our government is so hypocritical in dealing other countries. We don't give them the same respect we demand from them! I love America, but frankly, I think our country is a damn bully in many instances when dealing with others.

Look how we deal with Russia for instance. We invaded Iraq on fabricated evidence of weapons of mass destruction, despite the UN not sanctioning the move, a clear violation of international law. Our history of using the CIA to foment overthrow of numerous democratically elected leaders in Latin America, Africa, and elsewhere over the passed 50+ years speaks volumes. Many of these acts were in response to complaints by American business entities who were mad because they were being told that they no longer wanted to be exploited. Our military was being used as armed thugs for the companies via our government policies. I think it was called "gunboat diplomacy"?

We treat Russia like it's still the old Soviet system run by Stalin. Putin is not in the Communist party any longer and is trying to get his country into the 21st century and include more democratic reforms, because he realizes that the old system was excessively corrupt and repressive and inefficient.

He is pissed that we try to treat him like some child who is only good enough to sit at the kids table. ISIS is a threat to his country as well as ours. Instead of trying to bully him, we should be trying to help him since after all, ISIS is a direct result of our stupid foreign invasion actions from Iraq which destabilized the region.

Sorry about the long rant, but I'm so GD angry about all the bloodshed and money wasted in these endeavors. All those years and trillions of dollars spent could have been spent here for relief from droughts, floods and other natural disasters. F Ted Cruz and the Republican Party !

Dromedary Hump said...

Bumpas/ Bob,
Heheh..Thanks so much. and I wish you an Jeebus the very best in your upcoming nuptials.

Thanks for that thoughtful analysis... I can find nothing to disagree with in what you said. Your perspective is the same as mine, including love of country. This phrase says is it all:
" I love America, but frankly, I think our country is a damn bully in many instances when dealing with others."

Indeed, it is easier for us the thinking to look at ourselves as others see us. It is virtually impossible for the Right to understand that kind of self reflection and analysis...hence our not so wonderful reputation, and the fact we've been at war for approx 214 years of our 236 yr existence.

Karen Hemstock said...

I am so disturbed by this upcoming elections that I am looking into emigrating to Canada should a certain New Yorker's candidacy outlive the joke it is.
I agree with your views on this topic.
There is a very scary ad currently viewing for Chris Christie- when asked about prisoners at Gitmo he states they should all rot there. He states that 30% of those released by Obama have returned to a life of terrorism and therefore we are justified in refusing liberty to the remaining people imprisoned on our tiny corner of Cuba. Now, I am no mathematician, however my thoughts immediately go to the other 70% that have been released. Apparently they are law abiding people. I believe traditional American prisons have a rate of recidivism much higher than 30%. I am in no way minimizing terrorism, however, as you stated, a country that has been at war for 90% of its existence, can America truly be surprised at the prodigal son that has come home for justice?

Anonymous said...

Hump, I joined American Atheists this year just so I could go to this dinner. Small government often means allowing people/businesses to discriminate and also environmental degradation. Strong defense that Silverman talks about in the video link requires quite a bit of government to do weapons research plus pay for everything.

I have some sympathy for Libertarians, I'd like society to be as free as possible and the government to be as small as possible. I think I disagree on just how to implement the same.

I'm living in Texas and the Republicans are bent on destroying the education system here, among their many ill advised schemes.

I really appreciated this post, I've felt the same way for awhile now.

Dromedary Hump said...

Hi Karen!

yes, the same Christy ad infects my tv as well. You'd think as a "former US prosecutor" he'd recognize that holding people without trial forever - "until they rot" -is a violation of the Constitution. But, alas...neither he nor his supporters understand that. To them it's not even an issue.

I wouldn't worry too much about Trump being elected, as messed up as this nation may be, and as far in decline as it has come , I still have a glimmer of confidence that reason will prevail. Obama's election and re-election remind me of that.


I have nothing against Libertarians per se, and agree with some of their positions. Extremism in any flavor, however, offends me.

Here in New Hampshire the Free Stater Movement which has targeted NH (and where they've made marginal inroads)talks about eliminating zoning laws. Thanks.. but having someone buy the 10 acres next to me in this lovely rural residential zoned area, and turning into a pig farm and slaughter house would not exactly make me feel "liberated".

Kudos on surviving in TexAss. Keep up the good fight. I hear people say it will be a blue state one day. From their mouths to Moloch's ears.

Janet said...

I just happened on your blog because saw a link to today's piece on the warmongering GOP ... THANK YOU! I'll be subscribing and reading ....

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks! Glad to have you on board.

Robert Barton said...

Thank you for every word you wrote

Dromedary Hump said...

and thank you for the encouragement and support.