Friday, May 28, 2010

End Priestly Celibacy? Let's hope not!

CNN reports that a dozen Italian women have written an “open letter” to the Pope asking him to rescind the celibacy requirement for priests. They cite illicit relationships by priests as being predominant, and call the ruling a man made law (as though there are any other kinds other than laws of physics, etc.) Here’s the whole story:

On facebook and various message groups around the net the general consensus is that this would be a good thing. I couldn’t disagree more.

I’d just as soon see them retain the celibacy rule which has been a factor in the inability for the Catholic Church to attract new shaman. They are already having problems getting enough priests to staff churches all over the US resulting in churches being shut down and consolidated. Thus, celibacy works in our favor over the long run. Between priest shortages, a pedophile suborning pope and Catholic hierarchy, and their obscene position on discouraging condoms in third world AIDS ravaged countries; the Catholic Church has never been closer to self destruction. Why fix what’s not broken, or ... er ... what deserves to be broken?

Some people are saying that allowing priests to have a normal sex life would reduce pedophilia among the clergy. Nonsense! Pedophiles don't stop being pedophiles just because they are given permission to marry and boff consenting adults. Besides, do you REALLY want these purveyors of medieval ignorance reproducing? I don’t think so.

To counter these women’s heretical suggestion we should all write a letter to the pope telling him we support celibacy. And that if the Church abandons it’s long held and proper conviction, and the celibacy requirement is relaxed, we will melt down our gold crosses with the miniature Jesus on it; pound our Mary on a Half Shell into plaster dust; auction off our authentic foreskins of Jesus on ebay; and become godless heathens.

Now, who’s the pope going to listen to …a dozen women who are obviously after some priestly nookie; or 10,000 devout Catholic men who know the evils of carnal lust? For the pope that would be a no brainer (no pun intended).


NewEnglandBob said...

To answer your question:

"Now, who’s the pope going to listen to..."

The answer is: no one. He and all of his predecessors for the last couple hundred (at least) years listen to no one else. They arrogantly think they have a direct pipeline to god and get their "marching orders" from dreams or hallucinations or self-delusion during useless prayer sessions.

Has he fixed his problem of priests and congregants leaving in droves? No.

Has he attended to misogyny? No.

Has he attended to pedophilia? No.

Has he attended to a sane stance on stem cell research? No.

Has he attended to a sane stance on abortion? No.

Has he attended to his denial of the life-saving usefulness of condoms in Africa? No.

Has he attended to the indoctrination of young children? No.

Has he stopped promising rewards in the after-life? No

Has he stopped pretending in fairy tale stories like resurrection and virgin birth? No.

Why would he listen to anyone now?

Seek the Truth said...

Hooray for trolling...

Good post Hump.

Rastifan said...

The human brain are hot wired in to wanting to have sex as often as possible. This is to ensure the survival of the species. This is the solution nature has provided for us humans.
And when Catholic priest goes in to a self imposed celibacy, this will over time fuck with his mind set. Some crack and some don't.

The question is! Do they hit on children because they are sexually out starved? I think there have to be something more when they start eye-balling little kids. There has to be pedophile tendencies to begin with. And as children are defenseless, they easily becomes victims.

On the topic at hand. Humps argument “Do you REALLY want these purveyors of medieval ignorance reproducing?”

No! I don't. So I agree. Keep the celibacy and let this putrid nest of evil old men die out. No amount of marrige will stop pedophile priests from targeting kinds. That's the miserable truth of it.

To celebrate the beginning of the downfall of this Church I made a 3D comic on the subject. Sometimes humor is the only defense.

Anonymous said...

The poor slobs know that there is something wrong with themselves as soon as they hit puberty. They join the priesthood thinking that god and the church will save them. That is why, I think, that there seems to be more sexually disfunctional men in the church than in the general population. Unfortunately, the job presents them a smorgasborg of the vulnerable.

Dromedary Hump said...

NE Bob,
ofcourse you're correct. But, he will do what is politically expediant.
If the shortage of priests gets so bad likely the pope will have some "revelation" that it's ok with GOD to recind the celibacy policy.
Meanwhile... that these women think the pope would give them the timeof day, much less take their advise is stupid. Heck.. they ARE women, and that doesn't count for much among the church heirarchy

Thanks Seek!

Rasti...LOL.. great cartoon!! :)

Dromedary Hump said...

Anon (is that you fastthumbs?)
I think your analysis is right on target. add to that the position of authority over impressionable minds, and the invoking of "god's will" to his victims, and you've got a perverts heaven

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello NE Bob and Hump,
Sweet Baby Jesus…Priests be a humping!!!!

Your points are well noted and accurate. It must be OK for a Priest to bugger little boys because we will just ship him off to new VIRGIN areas were he can start again. To borrow the directions from a shampoo bottle….Bugger, Repent, Repeat.

DSJulian said...

DH - Who are they trrying to kid? In the 1960's Dr. Albert Ellis noted "Celibacy of the priesthood [of the RCC] is a carfully guarded hoax." See for insight into the world of married priests... Furthermore, there is no data supporting a higher rate of child-oriented sexual activity among the unmarried Roman Catholic clergy than that of the married clergy of other denominations or of schoolteachers .

Anna said...

I'm in favor of ending it. Being a wicked heathen who worships sex and death and generally values the good of the individual over the good of the many, I say give the screwed up bastards permission to get properly screwed up as they (legally) like.

I don't think it will help the Church a damn bit, and it'll likely make the genuinely squirrely ones a bit more apparent.

And it will sure as hell make a whole lot of individuals living on this earth right now a lot happier.

Rastifan said...

I found one argument for Catholic priests to be allowed to marry and have their own children. Perhaps they would actually understand the rage and the anger from parents who have kids that has been victimized by the church.

But I rather see their number dwindle and die out.