Friday, January 27, 2012

"Christian America”: Where ignorance is a virtue, and intellect a vice

It takes more faith to be an atheist than a believer in Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father. Especially if you look at science!

Check out Wake up and use your brain instead of relying on All this garbage the world has fed you about evolution and self-worship.... Our society has indoctrinated us for so long through the lies fed us from school and gov't, we just swallow it cause it is in our textbooks, do some research and try to not assume what you "know" is truth. Revelation!! Peggy N Oceanside , facebook 1/26/12

The above quote was extracted from a facebook discussion thread. Initially I thought it was a “poe,” an atheist posing as a fundie Xtian to make a point and make them look even more foolish than there were up to that point. It was so classically Xtian insipid that it could be nothing else.

I was wrong. Peggy is a true believer. She has two favorite books: “Bible” and “The Bible”

But why should I have been taken by surprise by this quintessential example of Christian self imposed stupidity? After all we live in a country where willful delusion is a virtue while intellect, science and reason are suspect.

A land where the majority belief system is corrupted by people who see education and “book larnin” as elitist; learned experts as liars or fools; and who have never cracked the cover of the source materials they reject, even if they were literate enough to absorb it.

A nation where speculation and superstition is accepted as fact, and its degree of truth or falsehood determined not by investigative analysis but by the number of people willing to blindly accept it as fact.

A society that puts its faith in religious apologetics sites whose mission is to confuse their sheeple with religious doctrine disguised as science; to dismiss objective evidence for reality; turn fiction into fact; endlessly repeat patently silly and discredited suppositions (i.e. "Why are there still monkeys if..." , "How come there is no crocoduck if... ?"); and to massage scripture to suit their agenda of preserving the spell of a discredited book of nonsense.

A union that gives millions of dollars in tax breaks to build a creationist theme park as a veritable governmental endorsement of backwardness and Medieval Think, spitting in the face of modernity and reason. [Google: “Kentucky creationist theme park tax break”]

There wasn’t much to say after reading Peggy’s post. All I could do was thank her for her testimony. Peggy unwittingly did more in that one paragraph to demonstrate the fruits of the religious virus and give credence to my years of rants, blogs and books than anyone ever has or ever will.

Once again, thank you Peggy. If I could I would put you in a glass dome on a pedestal for the entire thinking world to point to and laugh at, eventually having you stuffed and preserved as a reminder to future generations of Americans just how far they have advanced.


Motorhead said...

As we the thinking people are laughing at Peggy, at the same time, we'll have to dodge rocks and garbage being thrown at us by defenders of their sister Peggy, you know, to keep them in good graces with their king of kings. It's funny & sad. We know the funny part and the sad part to me is being so sorely outnumbered.

On a note related to the discussion you wrote about here; an old school mate of mine "re-friended" me on Facebook. Here. I'll just quote him here: "It's all good brother. I know it got kinda weird with us last spring when you went late night black tooth grin/boots up on me. Haha! You actually planted a seed in my head that day that began a personal journey for me of free thinking & open mindedness.I hadn't been to a church in a few years prior to our conversations last spring and even when I did go, I thought to myself "Am I a fucking fool, do I really believe this shit, what makes christianity better or more legit than any other religion"?Well needless to say, I'm a much happier and content human being without all that religious dogma bullshit weighing down on me. So thank you [my name here], thank you for bustin' my balls about it last spring. It really opened my eyes to what this ball-O-mud we're living on is all about. I look back at those days when I was a "christian" and I'm truely embarassed of myself. How could I be so closed minded & foolish? So, to sum it all up, you can talk religion anytime you want, 'cause we're on the exact same fuckin page man. LOL I've actually lost a few FB friends because of my Atheist posts already! LMAO! OK man, I guess I've rambled on long enough. See ya & may the Hitch be with you!"

Yeah. That made me feel good and I wasn't trying to "convert" anyone. It made me feel really good. "Pretty fucking awesome" is more like it.

Dromedary Hump said...


There's a special place in the Underworld, Valhalla, and the Land of the Dead for atheists who inadvcertantly bring religionists to reason. I'm proud to count you among my future bunk mates there ;)

NewEnglandBob said...

We can laugh at the Peggys but unfortunately, there are Peggys all around us, including ones who should know better because they did get a good education. There are so many Peggys that willfully turn their backs on reason and thinking and go with their emotions and wishful desires instead though.

Just yesterday, one of the members of the clown college known as the Republicans, that fuckwit, Santorum, told everyone to stop supporting colleges and universities because they teach that satanic secularism instead of creationism.

davlin828 said...

@NewEnglandBob That is the typical trash from nutjobs like Santurim. Satanic Secularism? That's an oxymoron. Satanic is being affiliated with the Church of Satan. Secularisn is the lack of any religious affiliation. He is just pulling terms out of his ass to please the sheep.

flyz4free said...

Another great article Mr. Hump. Peggy does not make me laugh...she scares the hell out of me. We have a nation where a majority of people take pride in remaining wilfully ignorant, even highly educated folks sometimes. People praise each other for having 'faith' and believing faith leads to knowledge.
Intellectual curiosity, questioning information you get from people with an obvious agenda (not just religious but corporate and governmental as well), having the temerity to disagree with the rest of the flock...nearly unheard of, especially in the religious ranks.
Facts and empirical evidence do not seem to matter to these people, except for the head honchos who know actual knowledge threatens their 'leadership' position.
I will never give up the fight but damn this gets frustrating.

Chatpilot said...

I actually feel sorry for Peggy and others like her. About eighteen years ago the bible was the only source of my knowledge, and faith the inner conviction of its truth. At that time I dare say that there were few as committed as I was to the lies of Christianity.

One reading of the bible in its entirety is all it took for me. The more I read the more questions I had, there was this nagging feeling that this just did not make any sense from a logical point of view.

Slowly but surely, in my mind reason finally prevailed. Some of us are lucky to "see the light," but not all of us have the temerity to accept that our superstitions were just that.

I don't laugh at the Peggy's and her male counterparts, instead I feel a deep sorrow for people trapped in lies and superstition. For whatever reason that is only known to them, they fear to stare reason in the face and take the journey of the discovery of truth.

Anonymous said...

Another good post Hump.

As depressing the human condition as exemplified by Peggy, consider this:

The religious are very quick to try to show their beliefs are "scientifically" sound - Just look at Peggy's quote where she exclaims, "Especially if you look at science!" .

On the flip side, when has any modern scientist (biologist, physicist, chemist, geologist, etc.) that's not trapped in a totalitarian theocracy attempts to show that their peer reviewed evidence supporting or challenging a scientific theory is "religiously" sound?

- Fastthumbs

Carl said...

Yes I can always count on the idiocracy of America to keep me entertained. What other country can you have such dumb ass well off people?

Susan Ingram said...

As an atheist I have to place my ‘faith’ in humanity, making me a humanist. If it’s going to be a better world, we’ll have to make it so, if it’s going to be a safer world, we’ll have to make it so, if it’s going to be a fairer more egalitarian world, we’ll have to make it so. People like Peggy really test the ‘faith’ of this weary, rapidly becoming more disillusioned, humanist.

Anonymous said...

Wake up and use your brain instead of relying on all this garbage the world has fed you about religion and god.... Our society has indoctrinated us for so long through the lies fed us from church and our christian parents, we just swallow it cause we're told that if we don't - we'll go to hell. Do some research and try to not assume what you "know" is truth. Revelation!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone check and see if Jesus is among her friends and if he is, has he uploaded any photos/videos of heaven?