Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hump is Chosen by God to Review His New Memoir.

From time to time, Simon and Schuster sends me a new book of the atheist genre to review on While they don't pay me, it keeps me in reading material.

Some of you will recall I reviewed "Oh God, No!" by Penn Jillette. It sucked, IMO... worthy of only two stars. But this time around I was delighted with "The Last Testament: A Memoir." The co-author, along with God Almighty, King of the Universe, is David Javerbaum who writes for the Daily Show. He is very talented.

So here's the four star review I posted on amazon. I'm sharing it with you for your information. If you're looking for a fun read about the God of Abraham, from the God of Abraham, unquestionably geared for folks like us, you'll like this.


It seems whenever a book of criticism, humor or sarcasm about the bible or religion comes out those religious fanatics who are so sure they know that a god exists, and who or what this god thing is, seem to get their panties all in a twist. The astute can use the one and two star reviews these humorless defenders of the faith invariably post as an endorsement of a good read. I know I do. That said...

As any objective student of the Bible knows, the god of the old testament comes across as a hideously psychopathic thing. While religionists prefer to deny this, ask them if they'd treat their own children that way and they simply fall back and cry "Context!", which of course means nothing at all. In The Last Testament this god readily admits he's got issues. Fact is, he admits that he and his staff of angels had no second thoughts about mass murder, cruel and unusual punishments and some really bizarre laws. But "God" explains it in a way that almost makes you want to forgive him his trespasses... almost. Sort of like the way you'd forgive a riotously funny comedian for running over your cocker spaniel while making a U-turn in your driveway. Oh, he's not repentant for the wackier things he's done, just reflective. After all, no one is perfect...not even god. How do I know? Because he says so in his The Last Testament.

I found myself laughing until my eyes watered. I kept dog earing the pages with the best lines to use as excerpts to read to my wife, and to use in this review. But it got to the point where almost every page was turned in so I stopped.

Yep, seems all of those self appointed/ self-righteous religious shaman got it wrong about a whole bunch of stuff. God sets it all straight with humor, snarkiness, and pinch of sanctimoniousness (hey, if anyone is entitled to be sanctimonious it would be a god). Everything you ever wanted to ask god about creation, life outside our solar system (yes, there is...lots of it), Muhammad, Jesus (careful you don't get "that look" from Jesus), HG (AKA Holy Ghost), his angel staffers, Moses and his smarter brother Aaron, how Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho, Abraham, Adam and Steve, just about anything you ever questioned is all laid out nice and neat and goddamn funny. Oh, but not the afterlife though. He just won't go there so don't ask.

The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating was that I found the book a tad long toward the last fourth and the biting wit cooled down. The prophecies for 2012 could have been left out entirely, tedious. But if you're familiar with the Bible (or think you are); are a freethinker, agnostic, atheist, moderate to liberal believer of any flavor, you'll get a kick out of this read.

On the other hand, fundamentalists, born agains, JWs, tongue talkers, snake handlers, biblical literalists, "Promise Keepers", imprecatory prayer devotees, the pope, televangelists, sellers of prayer towels, and gay-hating admirerers of Fred Phelps, Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry will likely not get the same enjoyment. Fact is, they'll likely do what they have always done - not buy The Last Testament but give it one star, and rattle off a rant about blasphemy, how the author is going to hell, and then scourge themselves (or their wife or kid) as penance for even thinking about this book.

A Good read.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Will definitely download it on my Kindle.

NewEnglandBob said...

To the top of my reading list it goes.

Chatpilot said...

This is my first time on your blog site, but I have read your first book. The book you're recommending sounds like a pretty good read. As if the bible wasn't funny all on its own. It sounds like this book is a good spoof of the already idiotic Christian religion.