Monday, September 24, 2012

And now a political message from our sponsor: Reason.

 Election day is only a few weeks away.  I imagine some of you may be considering voting for a change.  After all, with all the opportunities we've had contending with the “greatest economic down turn since the Great Depression” over the past 80 years, you’d think we’d have had everything all fixed by now.
When you go to the polls and prepare to vote I don’t want you to be concerned with incidentals – those little things that might dissuade you from voting for Mitt.

Don’t worry about women’s reproductive rights and the potential of a Supreme Court nominee being one vote away from reversing Roe V. Wade, as is the Republican platform’s objective. It’s not like anyone in your family will be raped. Besides, if a back alley abortion with a wire hanger was good enough for grandma, it should be good enough for your grand children.

You can justify how it is right and proper for Viagra to be covered with medical insurance to treat male impotence; but that women’s contraception is simply against god’s will, thus not justified.

You’re probably ok that the majority of the Republican party perceive freethinkers/atheists to be less qualified to hold public office than a gay or a Muslim; and isn’t patriotic, or “possibly not even American” as George H.W. Bush so succinctly stated. They’ll tolerate us in their “Christian Nation,” for the time being.

It shouldn’t be a concern that the GOP plainly stated in 2010 that its first priority was not restoring the nation’s economy, or improving the unemployment situation, or even reducing the deficit.  It was to prevent that Negro in the White House from attaining a second term. Their congressional obstructionism is just good politics.

Don’t give lower income women’s health a second thought. Planned Parenthood is obviously a hideous waste of 0.008% of our federal budget. Besides, why would poor women need breast cancer screening...or even breasts? 

Forget about Romney’s peculiar inclination to get the US embroiled in the Syrian conflict, and his readiness to go to war with Iran.  Mitt  needs those initiatives to gain some military experience since his was limited to a tour of duty in Paris selling Mormonism to the French during the Vietnam war.

Pay no mind to the fact that the stock market is 7,000 points higher than it was four years ago, unemployment is lower, housing prices are recovering, banks are lending again, and the car industry is stronger than it ever was. Mitt says you’re fucked compared to 2008. Strangely, he doesn’t seem to be starving.

Assume that Romney has a secret plan to restore unemployment to under 4%. Anything else is just details. After all, he was a CEO.

Ignore the fact that he declared Russia our greatest enemy, or that on his first trip abroad as a presidential candidate he insulted our closest ally and belittled Palestinian culture as the cause for their economic strife. A veritable diplomatic genius.

Trust that maintaining tax breaks for the wealthy, and eliminating those pesky tax deduction “loopholes” for the middle class -  like mortgage interest, tuition costs, and health care expenses – while increasing military spending by $1 Trillion more than the Joint Chiefs of Staff asked for, will all somehow work out to improve the economy and reduce the deficit.  Chances are your mortgage is all paid up, and your kids are done with college, and you are self insured anyway.

No, don’t worry about any of this stuff. Give it not a second thought.  But when you reach up to pull that lever, or place that “X” in the box, or punch out that “chad”... I want you to remember this:   

Then remember this is the man who will guide the nation for the next four years, and have his finger on the button of the most advanced nuclear arsenal and strongest military force on the planet.  If you can sleep with that then indeed, vote for the Creationist in the magic Mormon underwear.
Am I preaching to the choir?  Then send this link to someone who could use a touch of reason. 


Stiletto said...

zaze""Then remember this is the man who will guide the nation for the next four years, and have his finger on the button of the most advanced nuclear arsenal and strongest military force on the planet.

LOL. You obviously never heard of Russia or China. Or Europe.

Keep on dreaming on! Dromaderies like to do this, I saw this in a National Geographic documentary, all the way from USA, so you can't say it's Chinese or Russian propaganda, right?

Olga, your Russian friend, all the way from Chechnya :-) Always ready and happy and eager to shove a rocket launcher up your camel ass :-)

PS: why are you such an American coward that you hide behind impossible-to-decypher bullshit?

Dromedary Hump said...


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I'm sorry you find my prose impossible to "decypher" [sic]. Perhaps your difficulty with reading and writing English is the cause of your confusion and absurdly simplistic reply.

But I will entertain you nevertheless...this once.

The United States spends more on its military as a percent to its gross domestic product than any other industrialized nation on the planet.

The US spends 4.7% of it's GDP on military expenditure, compared to China's 2% of its GDP. That's almost 250% higher rate of expenditure. Germany and France combined only come to 3.5% of their GDP. Even the Russia Federation spends less than the US.

In real dollars, the US far exceeds annual expenditures of any other country, and more than China and and the UK combined.

In terms of advanced technology, its battlefield application, readiness, and quantity of same - US supremacy is unsurpassed and unchallenged as per Jane's Defense, which is the definitive source. The same is true for the US's nuclear capability. reference: imposing as France's military commitment and role in policing the world is [sarcasm], it hardly represents a military or political force in the world worthy of taking on the mantle of "leader of the free world." Frances' history of surrender, appeasement, collaboration with the enemy, and gross military mismanagement is likely a contributing factor.

As for rockets up asses, may I suggest that you worry more about pulling your head out of yours and educating yourself before commenting again so as not to expose your gross ignorance. Further offerings from you won't be entertained until that prerequisite is satisfied.

Au revoir, vous sphincter aveugle.

Anonymous said...

He calls half the country a bunch of free-loading leeches suckling on the government teat...and sadly, half the country will still vote for him...including many of those he just called a bunch of free-loading leeches.

Dromedary Hump said...

and he will win all the states that represent the highest percentage of those people he insults..the Bible Belt.
I fear they are too stupid to know when their preferred candidate is insulting them.

Dromedary Hump said...

Following rec'd in email from subscriber. Reprinted here with his permission:

Mr. Hump: For the first time in my life I will not be voting. I'm a white guy pushing 70. The Reps are corrupt and full of shit. The Dems are corrupt and also full of shit.

The system doesn't work as it was set up by our forefathers. The pols are controlled by $. Money talks and bullshit walks. We're going broke. Obama can't stop spending. Both parties and the Supreme Court have fucked up this country.

Why do we need our young people being killed and maimed in the middle east? I believe it's the generals in the Pentagon and the defense companies behind that. I voted for Obama because I thought he would bring them all home. Fat chance.

Ultimately though, it's our own fault. As that sage Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Therefore I believe it really doesn't matter who wins. They will both fuck us. I know that is not your view and I respect that. As always, your humble and obedient servant, Sam.


My reply:

I understand your frustration, and share it.

But, I'd proffer that there hasn't been a time in our history where the government has ever worked as well as we'd like, or met our expectations across the board. And while I share your angst , and disappointment in Obama, not to vote is to reliquish a right that was hard fought.

I've always felt that those who don't vote no longer have justification to complain, or have their voices heard as they acquiese that right to those who do select our leadership.

And while it may come down to voting for the least offensive / lesser of two evils, I won't relinquish that right.

I hope you reconsider. Hang in there.

Olivier said...

As an avid reader of your blog, and also a french citizen, I'm a bit surprised by your response to Stilleto. Granted the guy seems to be a complete moron (to be polite), I didn't expect from you sweeping generalization against an entire country. The fact the France in particular, and Europe in general, is investing a lot less in the military than the US or China has much more to do with the fact that citizens simply want it this way. There is a general suspicion towards the army that has probably a lot to do with the two world wars and various fascist regimes that took place in Europe over the past century. I for one would rather have my country investing in healthcare and education rather than in the army.

In any case, I agree with everything else in your post and blog. It amazes me that Romney actually still manages to get close to 50% in the polls. What amazes me even more is the amount of hate towards a man who might not the greatest president in history, but who at least is a decent, intelligent and reasonable man. As long as the republican party will consider that "moderate" is an insult, I don't see any way for them to contribute positively to society.

In fact, here's a thought (for whatever it's worth coming from a non-US citizen): I think the craziness in the republican party is because the lunatics that are leading it (and the crazy fundies supporting them) are realizing the game will be over soon for them. The US population is become increasingly multiethnic. Some polls are showing growing support for universal healthcare.... their dream of a white christian feudal society is getting away. They know that if Obama manages to pull off even just a decent second term (and he might if the economy recovers), they will lose all credibility. This might be their last chance to get in power and to push for their reforms... And they're getting nervous.

Dromedary Hump said...


You are correct. My inappropriate maligning of France was..well..inappropriate and uncalled for. I fear that moron's remarks stirred up some usually well conained nationalism. My apologies.

While I support maintianing a strong military, things have gotten out of control. Back in the 50's Pres. Eisenhower warned against the "military industrial complex", and I fear his warning went unheeded as the growth of the military far exceeds anything approaching reason. Similalrly did Barry Goldwater's warning that the Republican Party would be taken over by far right religious fanatics.

Your observations about Obama, the evolving demographics of this nation, the Republican's last gasp desperation , and what's happening in the US is right on target. A more astute analysis than a majority of Americans could muster.

Thanks for your well framed input. And again, mea culpa on the uncalled for retort to your countryman's provocation.

Olivier said...

No hard feelings. I understand your reaction.

Keep up the good work. I love reading your blog.