Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grateful to God for Rape: Extreme religious madness knows no bounds

Very little surprises me when it comes to the stupidity that flows from the mouths of the most religiously infected. But I must admit I was taken aback by a comment posted to a story in USA Today.

The story reports the conviction of Bishop Finn of Kansas City.  Seems he knew about priestly child molestation and/or a child porn collecting priest, and covered it up.  Nothing new there when it comes to the Cat-Hole-Lick Church.  But one of the comments left by a devout Catholic woman, a medical doctor, floored me:

  If I had not been sexually assaulted by a Carmelite priest in the past, I would be fully protective of the Church...”  “I am grateful to God that I had that sad experience, since it helped me to realize that there are some clergy that are abusing their position in the priesthood.”  Dr. Rosemary Eileen McHugh

Now, read it again.  Understand what’s going on there.  This woman was raped or molested by a priest and is grateful to her god for it.  What that means is god was the agent behind her being raped; he caused it or influenced it, or suborned it.  Catholics believe that all things occur because of god’s agency.  All things good and all things bad are part of this super being’s plan. Romans 8:28 “God causes everything to work together for the good.”

Thus, part of the plan this psychopathic mythical god thing has for this woman was being raped by a priest in order to help her “... realize that there are some clergy that are abusing their position.”.

Hmm, well, if this is true then perhaps all the children molested by priests all over the world are also the beneficiaries of her god's brilliant plan for their enlightenment. How nice for them.  How grateful they should be. Thank ya Jeezus!!!  I imagine the church is happy to have her thanking god .  It must beat taking the rap for it all alone. 

Of course there is an alternative.  Maybe, just maybe, her being victimized at her god’s direction wasn't necessary for her to come to the realization that priests take advantage of religiously cowed children because they are easy targets. Maybe her god could have just provided her with a newspaper from any country on the planet that has had the priest scandal...which is virtually  all western countries. Maybe she could have stumbled across such a story on her own.  

But this is way too logical for someone who is up to their neck in religious doctrinal idiocy.  The only way she can cope with the trauma now, and keep her connection to the very organization she was victimized by,  is by trying to put good face on the tragedy, assigning a “purpose” to her being violated.  It justifies her continued faith in her god's plan and protection.   It all makes as much sense to a rational person as someone thanking Zeus for being shot in the head for the purpose of teaching them that bullets hurt and some people are violent. 

This level of convoluted non-reasoning; this dependency on supernatural myth and this need to give “meaning” to the wanton act of a sexual predator is the only way she can salve her anguish and continue to justify her faith in an omniscient beneficent god thing that is anything but beneficent.  It transcends stupid. It goes beyond obscene. It verges on utterly insane.


Sue said...

No comments. Maybe we're speechless.

Dromedary Hump said...


I wonder, as a medical doctor, when she diagnoses a child with Luekemia does she say: "Oh, be grateful to god! It's part of his plan for you!".

i imagine she'll only do it once, after receiving a sound bitch slapping from the kid's parents.

David said...

I'd hate to think what that kind of advice that medical doctor would give to a young pregnant teen, or a young adult seeking advice on safe sex and STDs or a young kid coming to the realization that he or she may be gay and seeking a trustworthy person with sound reassuring advice.

The medical profession and religious idiocy are incompatible. It should be a requirement that to become a qualified doctor you should be able to demonstrate a rational and reasoned mind.

Dromedary Hump said...

I picture a child coming in and being diagnosed with Leukemia. Imagine this doctor saying to her parents: "She should be grateful to god for this disease. It's all part of his plan for little Susie!"

I imagine it would be the last time she uttered a phrase through a full set of her own teeth.

Valérie said...

LOL, that was very witty and funny, thank you very much!