Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy week among the religiously moronic, and it's only Thursday

I usually pick one theme for my blog articles- whatever catches my attention as being particularly worthy of my ire.  But this week has been so chocked full of religiously related idiocy I just couldn’t pick one. So let me send a few shout outs and see if I can at least provoke a fatwa against me.

Attention Muslims:
Evidently your pampers are all in a twist over a 3rd rate movie by one of your fellow countrymen of Xtian belief.  Seems to have caused you to run into the streets, attack, burn, destroy and otherwise commit mayhem in the name of the Religion of Peace.  Look, let me say this so even your backward minds can understand it: “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but calling your imbecilic pedophile militant fiend of a prophet what he was will never hurt you.” 

If your prophet Muhammad (piss be upon him, pictured above) is offended, and is as powerful and as close to Allah as you say, let him do his own burning, destruction and ranting. Calm your ignorant medieval asses down.  Free speech trumps your feelings, even though you have zero idea what free speech is since freedom of anything is alien to your religion and culture.  
(PS: Word has it you people can sniff a camel out from 100 miles away.  I live in NH. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a dromedary among the population here, so few New Hampshirites actually have humps in spite of what you may have heard. But we all have heavy weaponry.)

Attention Mormon Presidential Candidates:
I don’t care that you think you’re going to be the god of your own planet when you croak.  I don’t care that you wear magic underwear, or that your kids are forced to wear them.  I don’t even care that you have a charlatan, liar, and convicted felon as your preferred religious prophet. That’s your cross to bear.

What I do care about is your taking advantage of a tragedy on foreign soil and using it for political attack purposes and making idiotic accusations about embassy issued statements before you even know when it was issued, in what context , and WTF is going on.

Not only is it proof of your cult addled brain being devoid of any concept of diplomacy, timing, dignity or is proof positive, once again, that you’re not presidential material.  Now go sacrifice a chicken to Joseph Smith, or whatever it is your cult does.

.Attention NASA Administrator Charles Bolden
 I understand Neil Armstrong was religious.  I understand the importance for people like you to mumble your praiseand acknowledgement to gawd; reference Neil up in heaven looking down; and do your Holy Holy Holy routine.  But the statement you made that:
“... [technological and scientific]
achievements are made possible through God's grace and guiding hand," while I’m sure is a sentiment that was received well by the religiously devoid of reason, it is beneath the position of  an administrator of the nation’s premier scientific exploration government entity. 

Yes...I get that you are a Southerner, a Christian, a Marine aviator, test pilot and that your science degree is in “science administration,” thus you’re not a genuine scientist.  Therefore we have no right to expect you to understand the difference between science and myth.  But at least feign some sense of reality and respect for human achievement.

Before you offer up a platitude that betrays your intellectual short comings, at least reflect upon the fact that if Gawd’s guiding hand determines discovery, that the psychopathic imaginary deity you worship and give credit to for the moon landing took a few hundred thousand years to inform humanity what causes know, simple  things like germs, bacteria, how to prevent and cure their infections- like telling them to wash their hands after they  wipe their butts.   Some super grace your god’s got there.

and finally...

Attention Pat Robertson:
Hey Pat, your latest suggestion that a man become a Muslim and move to Saudi so he can beat his wife into submitting to him as the ruler of the house, as women are meant to do by Gawd’s law was classic Pat Idiocy.  We all got a good laugh out of just another in an endless list of biblically driven misogyny, unthinking statements, and reinforcement of violence toward women (along with your well documented hatred of gays, liberals, feminists, atheists and anyone who embraces reason over fable).

But here’s the thing, Pat.  We can’t tell anymore when you’re tossing out a bad joke, and when you’re being dead serious. Which brings us to your health and the concept of “dead.”   Please, do the gracious thing and take that long over due dirt nap.  You give humans a bad name and exponentially increase the stupid Xtian quotient..

No shortage of religious stupid this week, and the week is only 5/7th over.  Reason have mercy!


NewEnglandBob said...

The world just gets dumberer all the time.

Carl said...

Wow can the planet get any scarier? Well yes it can and it will as long as the god delusion continues.

Logan said...

I've been following this blog for quite some time now, but only today have I felt compelled to post a comment. This is officially the best thing I've read all week. Your, for lack of a better term, "righteous" anger is a much-needed breath of fresh air amongst a sea of idiocy. Glad to know that there are still people out there with both the intellectual capacity and the testicular fortitude to say what need to be said.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks Logan. Much appreciated. Hope you'll comment regularly, now that you've broken the ice.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks Logan. Much appreciated. Hope you'll comment regularly, now that you've broken the ice.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Hump,
Sorry I have not replied much on your site but I have been very busy doing Consulting Engineering here in Columbus, OH.

That being said I HAVE to pass on this story. I gentleman that I went through my 32 degree in the Scottish Rite of Masonry is a private pilot who is certified to fly the whole spectrum of aircraft.

Well among many heavy metal rock groups, and the likes of Cheryl Crow, there was Pat Robertson!!! He said that Pat Robertson used the “F” word more than any sailor ever did and a combination of all other explorative far beyond anyone he has ever flown around the world. My friend was impressed with Pat Robertson’s PROFICIENCY and his PROPENSITY to apply every opportunity to use PROFANITY in just about every sentence statement he made on his plane trip.

Yes as it would come as no surprise to you, me and your readers, that Pat Robertson is nothing more than a Religious Pimping Con Man.

Like the famous quote from the movie, “Animal House:”
“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” This is the demographics that the Republican’s Religious Tea Party members are drawing from.

Den!s said...

Stone age views about their religion hammered into them by their Imams in the madrasa/schools that only males go to of course, is to blame for all of this. It's their religious leaders who should take the blame for the violence. Should we tolerate their intolerance? uhhhh, no. It is disgusting to the max, and Hump is doing exactly what we all should do. Good job Hump.