Saturday, September 29, 2012

Voting for “Judeo-Christian values” – A Freethinker’s worst nightmare

In an effort to down play the perception of Mormonism as a cult and non-Christian society of blaspheming scum among Evangelicals, Romney has avoided use of the term Mormon this election cycle and  now has taken up the tact of  appealing to the Religious Right with the more generic “shared Judeo-Christian values.”

Ah!!  Judeo-Christian values!  Well, that’s more like it.

Let's see: the Old Testament, the Jewish bible - the Tanakh - values genocide (except for the female virgins) for tribes who are non-believers in the god of Abraham; demands the cutting off of a woman's hand for grabbing the genitals of her husband's attacker; requires the killing of one's unruly children; endorses stoning homosexuals to death; and absolutely expects killing people for working on the Sabbath (that would be Saturday, not Sunday, by the way). 

On the other hand, "traditional" Christian values include the murder of indigenous peoples and the utter eradication of their culture to spread "the Word" and save them from themselves; torturous Inquisition against heretics; Holy wars; witch burning; intra-sect wars; 1700 years of anti-Semitism; stealing donkeys; causing the mass killing of pigs and destruction of fig trees; and turning father against son and mother against daughter. 

More recently, their values have expanded to include willful violation of the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings by promoting prayer in school and installing Judeo-Christian symbols on government property; persecuting American born children of illegal immigrants; denying scientific fact like global warming and evolutionary theory; opposing advancement in medical research; and promoting anger in the Middle East by broadcasting Xtian proselytizing satellite TV insulting Muslims on their own soil.,0,6912233.story

Yes - I can see how shared Judeo-Christian values would make Romney attractive to the extreme religious right; evangelicals; homophobes; Christian nationalists; anti-feminists; those who endorse torture and public school corporal punishment; promoters of the  imposition of Xtian beliefs; hawks for more war in the Middle East; and those bent on tearing down the Wall of Separation. 

Yes, professing Judeo-Christian values was a shrewd move by Willard. It should turn out the vote rather nicely in the Bible Belt, and among Creationists, Survivalists, Skin-heads, the KKK, the Minute Men, and those who see a Christian Taliban controlled Christian Nation in our future. 

Yes, a vote for Romney is a vote for Judeo-Christian values.  I’m glad he cleared that up.    


Den!s said...

I hope everyone has seen the youtube video "Samuel Jackson - Wake the FK UP!", a parody of the original "Go the FK to sleep!"

Getting the vote out to prevent this creep and his minions from taking office is paramount.

Judeo-Christian values, my ass

Dromedary Hump said...

Amen, brother denis.

and yes.. the Samuel Jackson vid is great! here's the link, worth the 3 minutes :

NewEnglandBob said...

After this post and watching WTFU, there is not much else that needs to be said.

I despised Willard "Flip Flop Mitt the Nitwit" Romney since he was put in charge of the Olympics. The man is a whore for votes and has no ethics.

Dromedary Hump said...

Bob..quit holding back.
Tell me how you REALLY feel.

Anonymous said...

Hump, In regards to the OT: What's the best way respond to those with strong "Judeo Christian Values" who claim that they don't follow the OT, because Jesus made it all irrelevant?

Drives me nuts.

Dromedary Hump said...


yeah...they love that one.

The question to pose is are they Christians or are they Paulists? Jesus said, three times in three chpters, that not one jot of the old laws should be relaxed until "heaven and earth pass away," and all is completed...meaning, his second coming when he rules the planet for 1000 years. That anyone who denies even the simplest of those laws will be least among men.

Paul claimed Jesus fulfilled the laws because it was necessary to relax the 613 laws of the Tanakh in order to recruit gentiles /Romans /pagans, who liked their pork, and enjoyed retaining their foreskins, and weren't about to submit to the stringent laws / become Jewish to joint the cult.

James brother of Jesus, head of the Jerusalem church, maintained that Jesus was the Jewish messiah, and that his work and words were meant for Jews. They opposed Paul's proselytizing to the Romans. But James was killed and his church, including Peter, lost the argument.

Naturally, you could simply ask, if all the laws were invalidated, then why do they still endorse anti-gay activity, since Jesus never spoke on the subject; and why embrace the 10 commandments, which are part of the Tanakh/OT?

Of course, they will look up the necessary apologetics to counter all this...but you know how that works.

Dromedary Hump said...

Rec'd following comment via email from apostate630. Reposted here with his permission:

Re the stoning queers to death thing, I wonder if my fundamentalist sister would be first to throw a stone at the companions of our high school days.

Stevie, Rick, Dickie, and most important Bart, whom my sister dated, were queer as three dollar bills.

Stevie and Rick are dead of AIDS, back in the 80s. Dickie and Bart got through the AIDS epidemic unscathed, and have prospered. My sister is more than ever a nutcase, homophobic religious extremist.

Would she stone to death our old friends?

I suspect she would not, nutcase that she is. And I love her enough to not taunt her, "Why aren't you stoning Bart to death? This seems to be a central tenet of you faith."

I'm going to tune out now. Have to watch my blood pressure.

Low stress to all.

Huffy1166 said...

I was watching Mitt's 60 minute interview and found it interesting that in discussing his previous church responsibilities he called himself a pastor. It is of note because Mormons do not have any offices with the pastor designation. Romney was a Bishop in the Mormon church and all of the Mormon bishops I have known would have used the term bishop and then maybe added "which is similar to a pastor". Bishop is not really the same as pastor. As a pastor your job is to care for your flock. As a bishop in the Mormon church, your job is to carry out church business for your ward and preside over your congregation. Anyone who becomes a bishop in the Mormon church thinking that now they are going to finally get to spend their time helping people and caring for their flock are mistaken. It is much more a business responsibility.

I will also add that Mormons should stay away from 60 minutes. Anytime one shows up on there it is like returning to the scene of a crime. Back in the 90s, then president and "prophet" of the church Gordon B. Hinkley went on 60 Minutes and lied his ass off. He lied in his answers to some tough questions about Mormon doctrine...specifically to make the Mormon church appear much more mainstream in its doctrine to others. It was a bald faced lie and many good Mormons can point to that interview as the event that sent them packing from the church.

Dromedary Hump said...

Thanks for that, Huffy.

Yeah, he's clearly trying to down play the differences. I also read that "Judeo-Christian values" is not something that is typically touted by Mormons.

he's saying what the Evangelicals want to hear. They aren't exactly "energized" to cast their votes for a heathen cultist who rejects the Xtian doctrine of the Trinity as a 3 in 1 being.

Valérie said...


I agree with everything you say in your article. But I am amazed by one thing: didn't your greatest president ever, Thomas Jefferson, write in the constitution that ALL religion was free, but had NO place in the government of America? So that in effect the government of USA is a secular government, just like every country in Europe (and nearly in the whole World), yes?

So why does the fascist born-again asshole Romney think he can do?

Dromedary Hump said...


yes, Thomas Jefferson made it quite clear that gov't must be secular.

Romney is in a quasi-christian cult, and isn't "born again.", or necessarily a supporter of "Christian Nation" radicals. But approximately 30% of Republican Xtians may fall into that category.

Romney has no principles. Depending on the day of the week, where he is, and who his audience is, Romney will say anything to appeal to them. If that means endorsing a Xtian nation, or condemning a fictional "war on religion" by Democrats, then that's just what he'll do.

My horror is that other wise reasoned and secular Americans who are more concerned with their tax rates, will fall for his "economic plan" and prostitute their reason for their pocketbook... thus getting into bed with religionists who would happily declare scientists and freethinkers enemies of the state.