Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It Takes a Christian Mind to Call Child Rape and Murder "God's Gift"

I was browsing the internet looking for some good stupid theist quotes when I stumbled across this beauty:

[Talking about an eleven year old girl who was raped and then buried alive] “God was sacrificing this child as a way to show others the light. much as he did his own child. what a beautiful gift he has given us.”
Howie R, Yahoo Answers [Comments (269)] [2007-Nov-08]

As a result of that wondrous insight there were 11 pages of comments lambasting “Howie”, some as recent as just this week, although that posting was almost 6 months ago!!

What’s interesting about this phenomenon is that as sick and twisted as that statement is, “Howie” has done no more than any other Christian apologist who seeks to provide an excuse or justification for their mythical god's apparent unconcern / non-responsiveness to extreme evil / aberrant human behavior … or His outright endorsement of it.

“Howie” simply took a horrendous inexplicable act of a psychotic killer, and imbued it with religious significance that put a happy face on it. Praise Jesus!!!

The (happily) deceased Jerry Falwell did it with Katrina, declaring it God's wrath for New Orleans' evil ways; and by declaring the death of millions from AIDs as Gods vengeance. Pat Robertson did it by attributing the 3,000 innocent deaths of 9/11 to God’s retribution for America's tolerance of homosexuality. They both did it, as did Muslim Imams, when the 2004 tsunami killed thousands in se Asia. Heck, Fred Phelps credits God with wantonly killing people everyday… “God’s gift” to America he’ll tell you.

If in their sick superstitious minds their God will kill thousands by permitting, even causing, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, earthquakes, then why be shocked at one more hyper-religious Fundie whack job seeing God's hand in the rape and murder of one small child, and throwing a positive spin on it to boot? Besides, don’t Christians put a positive spin on the death of children all the time with their platitudinous “She’s in a better place.” or “God had a better need for her.”? Further, isn’t what “Howie” said right in keeping with the concept of “God’s Plan” which theists claim man can never really know or understand?

To hyper religious fanatics' convoluted mind gymnastics, these bizarre "leaps of faith" in lieu of reason, logic, common sense, good taste, and sanity are necessary to retain and justify their belief. Without this kind of obscene twisted illogic and self delusion they would be forced to see how patently absurd their total immersion in supernaturalism is.

The human mind is a marvelous thing. That it can be so badly abused by the religious brain virus is pretty damn scary.

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