Saturday, April 5, 2008

Perverting History: Christian Deception Personified

On a Catholic apologetics site , they offer to their flock how the Inquisitions were not really as bad as people think. Oh yes… there were excesses to be sure... but not nearly all as horrible as some would have you believe. Get a load of THIS passage:

“There have actually been several different inquisitions. The first was established in 1184 in southern France as a response to the Catharist heresy. This was known as the Medieval Inquisition, and it was phased out as Catharism disappeared.”

Uh... "phased out as Catharism disappeared"?!?!?! Yeah, I'll say!! The little detail the good Christian folks at this site fail to mention is that Catharism "disappeared" thanks to the Catholic Church's twenty year genocidal Albigensian Crusade, which virtually wiped out all the Cathars! Yeah, complete and utter destruction of an alternate religion by the Church will indeed cause the Inquisition’s “phase out” . phase

Using this example of revisionist history, and Christian truth telling, imagine the apologetics of the 7th Cavalry circa 1890’s:
"The campaign against the Indians by the US Army during the 19th Century, lasted some twenty-five years. It was in response to Native American’s failure to quietly allow their culture to be destroyed. This was known as the Indian Wars, and was phased out as the American Indian disappeared."

Makes perfect sense … if you’re a Christian.
Lies and deception, thy name is Christianity.

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