Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On the Anti-Christ, Obama, and How NOT to Solicit My Vote

My accountant of some fifteen years is a staunch Republican and devout Catholic. From time to time he emails his clients his perspective on politics.

Now, I normally just ignore it. He’s a very good accountant and I didn’t want to unnecessarily inject my politics and views on religion into our professional relationship. But his latest mailing included a letter from a third source entitled “Worth Reading” that was a litany of prejudicial, radical, far right fear mongering predicting the doom of this country if Obama is elected.

The following is my letter in response. It also went to thirty+ of his clients who were on the same distro as me. I suspect I’ll be looking for a new accountant next year.

Dear Larry,
Very revealing letter. Unfortunately, it revealed more about the fear mongering right wing religionists that stoop to slander when their grasp on power is endangered, than any truthful observations about Obama. But, this little piece of intellect really clinched it for me:

“According to The Book of Revelations: The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal....the prophecy says that people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will destroy everything. Is it OBAMA??”

That's exactly the kind of mindless “Party of Jesus" crap that drove me from the Republican Party three years ago after almost 40 years. In deed, let’s make a decision as to who is disqualified to be President based on the insane ranting of a pre-scientific superstitious cultist from 1,800 years ago.

Thanks, but if the alternative to Obama is four more years of theocratic, right wing, millennialism philosophy that demands more American lives in a war that never should have been; that will ensure more young men sacrificed on the alter of some utopian concept that is dedicated to forcing OUR version of democracy onto a 5000+ year old culture that neither understands it, could sustain it, nor wants it … then I'll go with Obama.

Yes, I anxiously await four more years of spreading our military resources so thin that the progress made in Afghanistan is failing, while we lack a force to stand against any unforeseen aggressor. Where once the tragedy of 9/11 gathered our friends to us, and evoked the sympathy of the civilized world, now we watch our allies distance themselves from us as our international prestige declines.

Oh yes, four more years of refusing to sit with our enemies, instead rattling our sabers, elevating international tension, and watching our armed services decimated as reenlistment declines, and enlistment standards are lowered.

Four more years of neglecting our environment because to an administration with a superstition mindset that embraces, indeed welcomes, biblical Armageddon, preserving the Earth for future generations isn’t a worthwhile investment.

Four more years of deficit spending and bigger government than we have ever had. Of a mentality that says oil company's still need tax breaks; that Intelligent Design should be taught in schools; that my tax money should go to "faith based' organizations and support their proselytizing efforts via the back door, instead of going to stem cell research which is denounced as "the work of Satan!!".

Now I don't want to be all negative. I mean on the bright side there is the recession. We now openly suborn torture. My health insurance has only increased 85% over the past 8 years. And the Republican influence on the OPEC nations' to increase oil production had been … Oh, wait ... never mind.

Look, Larry, you’ve known me a long time. I ain't no damn Liberal. I hate gun control, I hate giveaways, I demand a strong army and want small government. I also want to see us invest in protecting our ports and borders by developing technology that improves border controls, airport safety and container ship security. I don't want to piss away our resources and soldiers’ lives by Nation Building for some perverse religiously driven concept of a New World Order.

After what I've seen from the Republicans in general, and Bush in particular over the past 8 years, and watching McCain’s transformation from a strong minded independent "nobody's butt boy" to just another waffling zombie in lockstep with Bush and the Christian right, I've had enough. I'm ready to give a Dem., even a Liberal Dem, a shot at it.

By the way, exactly what is McCain's position on illegal immigration, the Bush tax cuts, the US Constitution making us a "Christian Nation", and Al Qaeda being supported by Iran? I mean, what’s his position THIS WEEK??

So, Larry, do me a favor. Spare me this kind of whacked out far right religious hyperbole in the future. I’m a Free Thinker, and this idiocy just pisses me off, and pushes me further to the left. I hate it on the left.


Brandon said...

The left ain't so bad. Join us. Jooooooooooooin us. Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooin. We are Legion, for we are many!

bugsoup said...

You forgot to mention that this war was supposed to bring about democracy throughout the Middle East and cheaper gas prices here at home. As an accountant, he should appreciate that gas prices have doubled in seven years of the GWB idiocy.

So far, I've seen nothing to indicate that the Repubs care much about the idea of being energy independent.

Be sure to remind him that Jesus would have been a left-wing, economic socialist if he were alive today. I think Jesus would be much more likely to vote for Obama than Mr. McCan't-Decide-If-We-Should-Sanction-Torture-Today.

Please keep us updated on this. I'm interested to know his reaction to your letter.

crazydad™ said...

I used to think Obama bin Laden sucked, until I learned he's the antiChrist.

Go Barak!

BTW, why should christians resist the antichrist's arrival? Isn't it prophesied? Leading to Christ's return? They should hasten that!

I was one of them. Drom, more than anyone helped me think.

I love you, man!

DromedaryHump said...

Sorry pal, as an Objectivist the most I can muster is a "moderate" stance. I'm pro choice,pro capital punishment, ok with homosexual marriage, pro-gun, favor lower taxes, strong military. I havnt found many people quite like my blend.
Frankly, if Barbara Boxer and chuck shumer had massive coronarys I'd buy the whole town lunch.

I think i mentioned that the concept of spreading democracy in the middle east is at best a defunct concept, and at worst a religiously driven utopian mindset.
Plus, Bush's failure to hold sway over the OPEC countires, due to his lst credibility and crazy foreign policy, hasn't done anything to help our gas prices.

I can't blame the Repubs for the US's dependency on foreign oil. Akthough youwontlike this, it was the Dems who stood in theway of drilling in ANWAR, and suppporting new oil refineries.

What I failed to point out but remebered this A.M., Revelations never mentions"MUSLIMS". Islam didnt appear for over 400 years after Revelations was written!! The passage is usually read to infer that thre anti-christ will be a Jew, according to most fundies. Not that any christians would even realize this absurd error.

I will indeed let you know if i get a reply. I also sent my letter to the Fredom From religion Foundation, to see if they are interested in publishing it (and my blog addy) in FreeThought Today.


Heheh.. Thanks man, I love you too. Glad you left your chains of religious idiocy behind. If I had anything to do with it, its the greatest compliment you can pay me.

While the fanatics would love to see the End Times prophecy come to fruition, the use of fear tactics is meant to rally the less fanatical of the Christians who arent in a ig hurry to see their current existence come to an end.
Thats my guess anyway.

bugsoup said...


Of course, you are right about mentioning spreading democracy. I missed it.

As far as energy goes, I'm not sure that drilling for oil in ANWAR would be anything more than a temporary solution. I agree that the Dems haven't been very forceful in getting off foreign oil, but I think a better way to become energy independent is to get off oil altogether and move closer to renewable sources. Even if we were finding new sources of oil in our own territories, we'd still be missing the policies that keep us off foreign oil. We need more than just a temporary fix, and while I do think the Dems recognize that more than the Repubs, neither have done what is needed to get the job done.

Barack Obama has some pretty good ideas and the environment and energy independence are key aspects to his foreign policy goals.

I think that this "fear" of the anti-christ that is being exposed really shows how little faith Christians have in the prophesy? Deep down, they know that there is no anti-christ, there will not be an end to the universe the way they picture it, and their life will indeed end when they die. The fact that they are afraid of it shows that either they don't really believe it or that they know they haven't lived the life they should have.

I also love that the anti-christ is supposed to be a Jew, but a little inconsistency never hurt any Christian credibility before, why start now.

In reference to another post, "That part about being a Jew is taken out of context."


Joyce said...

Well, I almost hesitated to even comment but you know me pretty well, Bart, and I feel safe posting here without having to worry about ridicule (not that I plan on saying anything worth ridicule, but hey ... ya neva know! Hehe) For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of Bart's Christian friends. Yes, he has friends! Haha!

I am embarassed by this guy's letter. I groaned out loud when I read it and rolled my eyes. I hate this kind of fear-instilling mumbo jumbo that some Christians feel they have to sling. Ugh. I can't stand it.

As you know, for many years I was a religious rightwing voter, casting my votes based on two issues only -- abortion and gay marriage. I even went so far to have James Dobson's Voter Guide sent to me so that I could be told (yes! told!) who to vote for.

The past few years things really started to change in me. As a Christ follower, I actually began to study more deeply the teachings of Jesus (what a concept!) and read more intimately about what "issues" (if you will) are important to Him.

What I found out is that He sure isn't about the rich getting richer. He cared about the poor and the sick and told us to care for them. He never mentioned homosexuality at all (Paul did in his teachings) but mentioned LOVE more than 200 times. It made me think that I need to concentrate more on the things that are close to Jesus' heart and not what is on some religious zealot's agenda.

Looking at the candidates this year, I have found myself to be a fairly strong supporter of Obama. I will never agree with everything that any candidate stands for, but I believe that Obama stands for many of the issues that are near to my heart.

At least you know that your accountant won't steal from you (even though you pissed him off). After all, he IS very *ahem* self-righteous and religious! Heh.

DromedaryHump said...


Thanks for that thoughtful post.
Now..if you can get your fantatic brethern to start thinking in those terms,the world would be a better place.

I too dont agree with everyting Obama stands for. But given what weve been thru, I'm willing to rish some change. I figure we have a 50/50 chance, or more, of change for the better. I dont see that coming from McCain, nor the "party of Jesus". Albeit, of Hilary wins the nomination, all bets are off... I can't vote for her.

As for my accountant's honesty based on his christianity... Don't fool yerself. He charged me $700 to do my tax return this year, and rapes the government (on my behalf) mercilessly.
If that ain't stealing, I don't know what is (well, at least the $700 part, I fully endorse the other part :)