Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ok, This is Just Weird

I have nothing much to add to this. It’s just that the phrase “… livestock whose lives he [sic/ He] touched conjured up some really creepy imagery of Jesus that best be left unexplained.

If you hurry, you may be able to buy a copy of this book. In fact, in so doing you may be the sole owner of one, besides the copies the Christian author had printed for his friends.



OJ said...

Creepy. And there have been no reviews on Amazon yet. What a surprise :-)

Joyce said...

I am happy (and incredibly relieved!) that this is a book of humor. Here's a synopsis found at http://www.agreatread.co.uk/html/product.asp?P_ID=5277&strPageHistory=related:

You probably know that Luke wrote a gospel, but did you also know that his sources included memos to the angelic hosts, agony aunt letters, newspaper cuttings, interviews and even the diary of a concerned sheep? For the first time in nearly two thousand years these and other equally reliable(!) resource materials have been brought together to provide a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus. Have you ever wondered what the three wise men did before they were wise? Or what the report card of a prepubescent Saviour of the world looks like? And how did the local sheep feel about Jesus's ultimate sacrifice? These and many other questions you have probably never asked are answered here.


''A fun book... Leave it in the smallest room to lighten the atmosphere. Really clever cartoons and illustrations. Not one for theologians but definitely one for those with a sense of humour.'' - Christian Marketplace



DromedaryHump said...

heheh..yeah. and its been out a year or two. But in all fairness its published in England. Then again, the English interest in religion being what it is, my guess is it wasn't a hot seller.
More than likely it's a vanity press/self published book.

DromedaryHump said...

So...Joyce... I expect when you visit me in October, You'll bring me YOUR copy.

and it better be autographed by Jesus himself..i mean.., Himself.

Joyce said...

Hahahaha! Heck, I just might have to order it JUST FOR YOU!

DromedaryHump said...

Uh, no...save it.